Addressing the Ghosts from your Past

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As spooky season kicks off, this semester has started exposing some scary occurrences. The rates of ghost sightings have risen more than ever! When “no replies” have us fearing for odd disappearances and paranormal activity, maybe it’s time we step in and figure out where everyone went. If you need to hunt down the ghosts of your past and check in on what they’re really doing, follow our step-by-step ghost hunting program!

1. Never go alone

When finding ghosts, rule number one is to never go alone. Bring a friend or two along for the journey. You’ll need the opinion and reassurance of a few people you can trust and rely on — they”ll be your extra set of eyes to help you sleuth around and catch the ghosts.

2. Collect the evidence

Where have they gone? Who are they with? Are they active right now? Why aren’t they responding? Well, social media is the perfect ghost-busting tool — not even ghosts can resist its power. Look them up on social media to collect your evidence. After enlisting friends to help, save the receipts of evidence. But, remember to play it cool. Sometimes, ghosts don’t know how to deal with real-human emotions, and it’s better to not know what happened.

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3. Follow your instincts

If you feel like giving people a second chance, reach out and send a little reminder of your presence. Likewise, if you feel an overwhelming urge to leave it be, do so. Most of the time, one way or another, we all have accidentally ghosted someone. The truth is that sometimes life becomes too overwhelming and giving people the benefit of the doubt during this scary time can be important. Remember that walls keep everyone out, but boundaries teach people where the door is.

4. Check during night

At night time, the spirits come out. This is where the paranormal activity becomes the strongest; the spooky late-night messages and Snapchats of “hey u up?” have us guarding our energies and using extra protection spells to ward away the bad spirits. The important thing to remember is that they are ghosts; despite their magical ability to appear and disappear, proceed with caution.

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6. Bring something they can relate to

When luring ghosts out of hiding, you have to know their history and the place of haunting. Find things that relate to them. Ask questions. The best way to lure a ghost out is to talk about something they’re interested in.

6. Don’t charge in.

Be rationale about things; protect your energy and time. In the end, while it may be hurtful, remember that your value is separate from how they treat you. The best thing we can do is make light of these situations and not take personal offense.

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7. Leave the location as soon as you find them

As with real ghosts, as soon as you find them, leave ASAP. Don’t mess with bad spirits — it’ll ruin your vibe. Instead, live your life fabulously. We think you deserve much more than ghosts who will disappear on you.


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