Active Campus: Bicycle season

Spot them. Dodge them. Watch them whip bye.

Students on bikes: whether you absolutely hate them or barely even notice them, you might want to consider being one of them.

Ok, I know. Biking definitely isn’t the most common means of transportation around campus; pedestrians clearly rule these streets and catching a ride with @Hank_CATAbus is a close runner up.

Well, it makes sense. Overloaded bike racks, crowds of dawdling students and strict rules against riding on the sidewalks make biking to class more complicated than convenient, unless you live far off campus. All of these reasons not to bike only apply to the high-traffic times between classes, though.

What about early evening on a sunny day? Any time on the weekend? Hop on your bike for a leisurely ride around campus and the neighborhoods. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful Frat Row is during the day (football Saturdays don’t count) and all the nature State College has to offer.

Rolling hills in the area give you a nice push and the steeper inclines (think Shortlidge or Locust) assure you some cardio-action as well as an awesome leg workout. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try nearby mountain biking trails.

No bike? No problem! The Bicycle Shop, at 414 W. College Ave, offers low-priced daily or weekly rentals. For those who did lug a bike to State College but left it rusting under the awning of your residence hall all winter, you can pay for a nice tune up and be ready to go.

The health benefits of biking are obvious, and it’s a great way to have fun being active with friends. But for all of you fashionistas out there, I have to admit, biking also has a kind of chic, trendy feel, too. So before we turn to daylong season for a reason to get outside, let’s proclaim this spring semester bicycle season.

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