Stickers make manicures super simple

If you’re a “girly-girl” and love manicures, but lately have been swamped with exams, homework and THON (while throwing sleep into the mix), it may seem impossible to take an hour from your busy schedule to paint your nails.

Well, that hour of painting and drying can now be condensed into just 20 minutes; the secret is nail strips. The best part about nail strips is there’s absolutely no drying time—which means no smudging!

The strips only require a few steps for easy application:

1.Take each nail strip and measure the best size for each finger, one nail at a time.

2. Peel the strip off carefully and firmly press it onto the nail.

3. Using the provided nail file and cuticle sculpture, file and form the strip to match the size and shape of your nail.

4. File the sticker for a smooth and natural look.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for every other nail until you have a completed a gorgeous, simple manicure.

**Secret trick for a longer lasting look: stroke a layer of clear nail polish on top of your completed manicure!

Sally Hansen is a popular used brand for nail strips, however, other brands suffice as well. Strips can be found at CVS downtown (how convenient!) and with plenty of designs available, you can match your nails to your personality. From solid colors to bold prints and glittery shades, the choices are endless, so have fun with it!

Photo by Stefan Choquette

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