Acquiring the Joie de Vivre

Photo by Vanessa Zican

If you type “joie de vivre” into an Internet search, it translates to “the joy of living.” However, the beauty of joie de vivre is that it actually means so much more.

Joie de vivre is a way of life and state of mind. It’s making the decision to find satisfaction and happiness in all the aspects of life, big or small. It’s refusing to let the hardships overcome the contentment. It takes practice for sure, but Valley has some tips to bring the joie de vivre to you.


It sounds simple, but taking time to inhale strongly and exhale slowly is a great way not let anger creep in. It is much easier to see the brighter side of things once you have stepped back and calmed down with a deep breath.

Compliment Someone Once a Day

Try to find one person on campus or downtown who you appreciate or admire…and tell them! Compliments are free so you may as well give them out daily. Plus, it will pass the joie de vivre along.

Put Your Happiness on Paper

Whether you scribble in a journal, paint, construct poems or write songs, get your good vibes down on paper. It’s a great tool to use later when you’re feeling down because you can look back and remember the good stuff.

Stop and Smell the Flowers…Literally

State College weather is sunny and beautiful during these early months of the semester, so take advantage of it! Stop by the arboretum or even just around campus and appreciate the outdoors. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


Smile, laugh and do anything else to lighten your day. Whether it’s hanging out with your friends on Old Main Lawn or listening to your favorite album all the way through, make sure it makes you smile.

Enjoy the joie de vivre!