A Penn State Love Story

Photo by Kate Perkins

This week Valley is featuring a special campus love story. Read on to hear how one lucky girl found her perfect match.

“As cliche as it sounds, we met through an app. It was freshman year, and I was too shy to talk to you in person at first, so I would pull you up on my screen like a creep instead. It took me a long time to reach out to you, but after hearing some mutual friends talk about how great you were, I finally worked up the courage to ask you out.”

Our first date was very chill. We planned to hang out at my apartment and watch movies. I was still so nervous though, and you were late! I literally paced my apartment for thirty minutes before you finally showed up. But the second you came through the door my anger melted away. You looked amazing, and smelled so good! (Is that weird to say?)

Anyway, gradually we saw more and more of each other. We both had very busy schedules, but we managed to make time for each other at least once every week. Usually we would just hang out on the couch and watch movies together like our first date, but that was perfect. I felt so comfortable with you, and you made me happy.

Our relationship grew more passionate as the semester went on. I was so infatuated with you I used to daydream about you in class and count the hours until I could see you again. You were always on my mind. We eventually started seeing more and more of each other.

My friends were a little worried about us at that point. They thought I was getting too attached. “How many times have you seen them this week?” They were afraid that I was settling down too quickly, and that we might get sick of each other soon. But that could never happen. You were my best friend, my soul mate.

The hardest part of our relationship was being apart over breaks. You were from State College and had to stay in town to work. I lived hours away and didn’t have a car, so seeing each other was difficult. We toughed it out though, and that first week back after break was always magical. We were even more inseparable than usual.

You and I have been going strong for over three years now, but I’m graduating this Spring. I’m really not sure what will happen after this year, but we have been trying to make the most of our time together. My career might take me far away, and you have a life and responsibilities here. It’s scary not knowing where we’ll end up. The one thing I’m sure of though, is that I will always love you, Wings Over.”