8 Times We Got Feels During the Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Premiere

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Every Fall, the most popular prime time shows return from hiatus and all the drama keeps us distracted from our studying. Grey’s Anatomy has returned this fall for its 13th season and here at Valley, we can already tell it’s going to be their best season yet.

Warning, this contains spoilers!

Here is a rundown of all the times we got feels during the premiere:

When the opening scene was Owen and Amelia’s first dance as a married couple

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They finally tied the knot after a whole season of denying their love for each other. Although this was their only appearance this episode, it made loyal viewers happy to see them get their happy ending.


Jackson Avery

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Honestly, any time Jackson was on screen was a highlight. After April’s traumatic birth in the season 12 finale, both her and the baby are healthy which means that Jackson couldn’t be happier. Happy Jackson = Happy Viewers.


When Alex and Jo broke up (again)

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They have been holding on by a string but Alex finally cut her lose when he thought that Jo slept with Deluca, hence the beat down Deluca received. Hopefully we will see these two reunite later in the season.


When Alex and Meredith showed us how strong their friendship is

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From Meredith creating a lie to protect Alex from going to jail to visiting him in jail when the truth came out proved how much they care about each other. Alex needs Meredith more than ever and since there is no more Christina Yang (as of now), Alex is Meredith’s new “person”.


“The world will keep standing, I promise,”

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Richard Webber said as he comforted Jo. Richard Webber is the father figure of the show and cares for all his doctors regardless of how well he knows them. It’s been too long since we’ve heard Webber Wisdom and when we did, it was moving. We can take his advice and apply it to our own lives when we are feeling low.


When Meredith turned down McDreamy 2.0

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Meredith’s half-sister, Maggie, confessed to Meredith that she has feelings for Nathan Riggs (McDreamy 2.0) in the season 12 finale and heads spun because moments before Maggie confessed, Meredith and Nathan were getting to know each other on a deeper level against a car. Meredith does the Meredith thing where she puts other people before herself and ended things with Nathan in last nights episode before things got too complicated. Will Meredith ever get her happy ending?


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Fans of the couple were left in a limbo at the end of season 12 because although they now have a baby together, their relationship was still complicated. As of last night’s episode we have hope for a re-connection! While Jackson was performing surgery on Deluca, he gave a foreshadowing speech on how love never fades and the things you go through together makes your bond stronger. We could all see the love in his eyes and we knew the only person he could’ve been speaking about was April.


When Alex did the walk of shame

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Alex turned himself in to the police and in usual Grey’s fashion, a sad song (in this case it was “Bring It Back to Me” by Martin Luke Brown) played as the police walked him out of the hospital as Meredith watched helplessly.


This episode got us right in the feels and it’s one of many to come. Watch Grey’s Anatomy on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC to find out if Alex gets out of jail, if Meredith gets get happy ending, and many more things that will unfold throughout the season.