8 Life Lessons You Learn When Waitressing

Valley always admires hard work, even if it can be frustrating sometimes. Take waiting tables, for example. However, it’s no secret that you learn some great life lessons from working in the customer service industry. Valley knows what it’s like to work those long hours at a restaurant, but, here is what we learned.

1. Multitasking is Key

During a busy morning or night at work, there are a million things to do. One customer needs a refill, another needs a height chair, and another is still waiting for their bill. Waitressing teaches real life time management and quick prioritizing skills.

2. Clear communication is essential

There are so many times that you will have to bring food back to customers again and again because of a miscommunication. Apparently they “didn’t want tomatoes on that,” but failed to tell you. Well… you aren’t a psychic so how are you supposed to know? Ask questions. Always. So, if you want something – say it.

3. There are some MOODY people in the world

Seriously – some people are just crazy. They will rage into the restaurant demanding stuff you didn’t even know they could. “I’m not paying for this,” is a personal favorite line. Some people will legitimately think they are better than you because you’re waiting on them. Well, don’t believe them because it isn’t true. Know your worth and keep on smiling – that’ll really set them off.

4. But there are also some kinda great people too

As much as you may complain about the awful, entitled customers, there really are good people in the world. Admit it, you’ve met some of your best friends at work AND some customers like to tip REALLY well. They may even become your friends, too. I mean, you know their favorite order after all.

5. Hard work often goes unnoticed

Sometimes you’ll move mountains for customers… and your boss won’t notice…. and the customer won’t notice either. Unfortunately, you have to pretend that they did, in fact, say thank you. In the real world, you don’t always get the recognition you deserve.

6. Coworkers become your family

Your coworkers will become your second family. Fact. You will bond over the customers who treat you terriblly. You’ll laugh at the ones who ask what seem to be the most obvious questions and “that one girl who worked here for a week.” You’ll develop a rhythm with them like no other. After a long day pulling a double shift, these are the people you will want to vent to about the hours you just endured.

7. It will get better

It may seem like the end of the world right now as that one customer just yelled at you, someone just spilled coffee all over your shirt or maybe you messed up an entire order, but it’s not. Seriously. You won’t even remember it in a month, and if you do you’ll be laughing with your coworkers about it!

8. A smile can change everything

Always, always smile. Smile when you’re talking to customers, when you’re filling the silverware and even when you’re taking out the trash. At the worst times at work, if people think that you’re in a good mood, they are more likely to be nicer to you (and, of course, tip better).

You can learn a lot from waiting tables that can be applied to many different aspects of your personal and professional life. It can seem hard now, but it’s worth all of your hard work!