5 Places to Find ’90s Inspired Clothing

Photo by Tori Anderson

Walking around State College these days, it’s the new normal to see a lost scrunchie lying on the sidewalk, instead of a basic hair tie. It isn’t odd to see more greek-org members sporting their letters proudly on the back of flannels instead of t-shirts. That effortlessly cool girl that always sits next to you has probably been sporting a choker since the first day of classes — and instead of looking like wannabe middle school you, she actually looks really chic.

So what’s going on? The ’90s are undeniably back in full form and causing a bit of a fashion storm on campus. From band tees and colored lenses, to crop tees paired with oversized jackets, there appears to be something for everyone to show off their ‘end of the last century’ vibes.

“Fashion in the ’90s was eccentric and fun, but it was also comfortable and laid back,” says Penn State sophomore Grace Hartwig. “I like dressing like it’s the ’90s because it’s casual and carefree.” She’s not alone.

This trend has taken root in pop culture as a whole and on our own campus. So, where can you find these “dope” and “fly” ensembles? Here are five of the most popular places to help you take your style back in time.

Your Parents’ Closet

They’re close by, they’re always open and most importantly, everything is free. Your parents were alive in the nineties and it’s plausible that they still hold clothes from that decade in their possession, so make use of them. Even better, if you borrow something they’ll probably have no idea that it’s gone. That, or they’ll be so excited that you’re interested in wearing their “cool” fashions again that they will encourage you to take more.


Seen by many as a hit-or-miss sort of place, Goodwill is not for the faint of heart. You might see some things that scare you, confuse you and maybe make you uncomfortable. You might also score a crazy bargain on a totally unique (and sometimes brand new) piece that you just know is going to turn heads everywhere you go. Goodwill is a great option not only for its low prices and wacky selection, but also because there is one located only a seven-minute car ride away from campus.

Urban Outfitters

A one stop shop for some, but a once in a while splurge for others, Urban Outfitters always has the trendiest pieces available in a multitude of colors and styles. Hartwig says that while it can be pricey, she loves shopping there, and with great reason. “They have a wide selection of necklaces, boyfriend jeans, flannels and graphic tees that portray 90’s fashion in a great light.”


Another great place to find one-of-a-kind pieces is Etsy.com. The site is a hub for individuals selling one-off vintage items, and shops that offer numerous styles and different pieces. Though not always the most convenient online shopping experience, the pieces are often well worth the hassle.


Located just downtown, Metro is the spot to pick up pieces that are on trend, 90’s or otherwise. Though it can be a little costly for student budgets, there’s always the sale rack, not to mention Metro Underground, an extension of Metro just down the stairs that offers even further discounted pieces. Whether you’re going to class or out on the town, you can find what you need style-wise at Metro.

When asked what her favorite ’90s inspired piece of clothing was, Hartwig says classic band tees. “They can be dressed up or dressed down and are comfortable at the same time,” she says.

The piece of clothing that Hartwig thinks should be left in the ’90s? “JNCO jeans should never make a comeback,” she says. “They are completely unflattering and honestly a little terrifying.”

No matter your budget or most-adored piece of 90’s inspiration, you can find a store out there that will allow you to snag it for your own, no diggity.


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