5 Advantages of Doing Things That Scare You

As life as a college student quickly flies by, strategizing ways to reach your goals and aspirations is probably a constant state of mind. Opportunities arise such as internships, job interviews, auditions, speeches and more in which one must choose to face their fears or shy away from them. But these fears aren’t limited to career-based goals. Whether it be going skydiving or telling someone how you really feel, they apply to your personal life, too. Valley is here to tell you the advantages of taking risks and standing up to your fears, even when it scares you.

The best things in life are on the other side of your maximum fear.

In a short motivational video, actor Will Smith compares his experience of skydiving for the first time to every other fear in life. He says the best things in life are placed on the opposite side of terror. You can’t let the barrier of fear get in the way of something you want. Experiences that you might not have ever imagined can come from doing something outside of your comfort zone.

You will never be average.

The act of doing the thing that scares you automatically sets you apart from every other person that watched an opportunity pass them by. Each competitor is now one step behind you once you take that chance. You can’t stand back and let a risk-taker take your opportunity away from you, you have to go out there and get it yourself.

If you play it safe you can’t achieve your dreams.

When it comes to taking risks, you can be smart without being rash and irresponsible. But if you have too much of a guard up and don’t go to the interview, it is impossible to get the job in the first place. You have to fight for your dreams and take tangible steps to get closer to your goal. Nothing changes if you stay in the safe zone.

The more you face your fears, the less scared you will be.

If you embrace the things that scare you, you will eventually overcome that fear. You will break down your limits for yourself that you have created in your head, and you will have the confidence to believe you can face that fear again, only this time it won’t be as scary.

Rejection turns into growth.

Being a risk-taker inevitably means you will face failure at some point. But, it also means you will inevitably be successful at some point if you get back up and try again. Taking the reasons for being rejected and turning them into areas to work on will ensure that the next time around you will be fully prepared. Failure leads to clear areas to improve which then, with some work, become your strengths.

Although it might be difficult at times, Valley hopes you believe in yourself and do the things that scare you— it will definitely be worth the risk.

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