Summer Lovin’, Have You a Blast: 7 Summer Date Ideas

Looking for fun ways to spend the summer days will your significant other? Valley’s got you covered with 7 fun date ideas for (oh-oh) those summer nights.

Go Camping

Whether it’s at a full-on campground or just in an old tent in the backyard, camping is a fun way to break outside of your dating comfort zone and snuggle up with your significant other. Build a fire, roast marshmallows and fall asleep under the stars. You’ll make quality summer memories you’ll never forget.

Explore IKEA

This sounds random– but trust us. This one is especially fun if getting a place together is at least somewhat on the horizon for you and your partner. Follow the path through all the furniture setups and imagine yourselves living in all the perfectly decorated rooms. (Maybe even pretend to toss a salad in one of the display bowls.) Be silly, be goofy, let your imaginations run free. This is a fun way to wait out a summer thunderstorm, and you’ll actually learn a lot about your significant other’s personal tastes.

See a Movie at the Drive-In

This date night is CLASSIC. There’s absolutely nothing like snuggling up with your significant other in the trunk of a car watching a blockbuster on a big drive-in movie screen. This one is an oldie but goodie that will, without a doubt, become one of your favorite summer traditions as a couple.

Have A Picnic

This one is perfect for a first date or for a new couple. Use the opportunity to impress your partner with your killer cooking abilities and your Pinterest-level napkin folding skills. Enjoy the summer sunshine as you chow down on some pineapple shish kebobs.

Check Out Summer Festivals

Whether it’s your local arts festival or Lollapalooza, you and your partner will have a blast exploring a summer fair or festival together. Eat greasy french fries, drink sugary lemonade or ride a rickety roller coaster or two– but maybe not in that order.

Go Hiking

This is great for an active couple (or even a non-active couple who wants to get more fit this summer)! Follow a trail and just enjoy nature together.

Go A-Wandering

This summer is your dating oyster. Explore a new city. Show your long-distance partner all the best places in your hometown. Go somewhere neither of you has ever been before. Have an adventure. Take lots of pictures. You’re sure to make some one-of-a-kind memories that will last a lifetime.

Now, go sweep your significant other off of his or her feet and make the most of this summer! Share your dating adventures on social media with #valleymag.