2020 Presidental Election Update

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As another election day comes to a close, Americans across the country wait anxiously as their votes are tallied. Although votes are not expected to be official for a couple of days, predictions and in-person votes indicate that the election will likely be a close call dependent on swing states.

Over the next couple of days, we can expect states to announce which candidate will win earn electoral points. As of midnight, Joe Biden leads with 213 electoral votes over Donald Trump who has 118 according to the Associated Press. A couple of key battleground states that have yet to have official results include Pennsylvanina, Ohio, Texas, Flordia and Arizona. Absentee ballots also play a large factor in when results will become official as poll workers will need more time to account for them. Results will be updated as states solidify the outcomes of mail-in ballots.

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While the winner of the presidency has yet to be decided, the majority seats of the Senate have been announced. As it stands at midnight, Democrats have forty-four seats to the Republicans with forty-five leaving eleven seats in the balance. The Senate is also running a very close race which can go either way as of tonight.

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While the results may or may not end up being what you hoped for, hope itself is never lost and there is always more that can be done to improve our country. If the candidate you voted for does not win the election and you are feeling a whirlpool of negative emotions, remember to channel those feelings into something positive that leads to unity rather than division. Acting peacefully out of love for what you believe in and standing together as a country is more important than ever before during these crucial times. Feeling anxious about election results is normal, but remember you are never alone and your voice always matters. 

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If you or anyone you know is struggling with election anxiety, CAPS Services are offering virtual post-election anxiety workshops at the link below:

CAPS Services Support for Election Stress

If you are inclined to continue to make your voice heard, visit Change.org to sign petitions that you are passionate about.

Stay up to date on election results through the Associated Press or watch live at ABC News.



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