20 Problems Every Pale Girl Can Relate To

Fair-skinned life is a struggle that only the (un)lucky few deal with on a daily basis. This one is for the pale people out there!

  1. Finding a concealer that actually matches your skin tone never happens. Whether it’s too pink or too orange, the search never ends!
  2. When you have a pimple you can bet it will stand out like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
  3. Flash photography is your enemy.
  4. Standing next to your tan friends in pictures is a guarantee to look 10 times more translucent.
  5. Blushing is an everyday thing… and you can’t hide it from anyone, so don’t bother trying anymore.
  6. Shopping is a struggle because there are few colors that don’t leave you looking washed out.
  7. Wearing dark eye or lip makeup means you’re always walking the line of looking goth when that was totally not what you were going for.
  8. Walking up a simple flight of stairs leaves you looking like a tomato…and don’t get us started on the state of your face post-workout. It literally lasts for hours on end.
  9. You’re tired of people telling you that “you need to get out in the sun more” when the tannest shade of white you’ll ever get is in the summer.
  10. You take 10 years to prepare for the beach because you have to apply sun screen to every inch of your body.
  11. And then sand gets stuck everywhere the second you step on the beach because of the sunscreen overload.
  12. You only own SPF 50+ lotion (but let’s be honest… it’s only 70+ and above for us REAL pale people).
  13. Speaking of sunblock, does everyone else know how expensive buying that stuff every week is?
  14. Falling asleep on the beach means you will wake up looking like a lobster. No. Matter. What.
  15. And you have your post sunburn routine down to a science. Using aloe just once? That’s a luxury you aren’t familiar with at all.
  16. You’re so over using self-tanners because orange is the only shade of tan you’ll ever get.
  17. People holding their tan arms against yours never gets old. Keep it up. Please.
  18. Snow sports in the winter are the opposite of safe territory for your skin. Because duh, the sun reflects onto the snow back onto your face to burn you worse than in the summer.
  19. And moon burn is also a thing.
  20. But in the end…your pale skin makes you who you are, even if you do blend in with the snow sometimes.

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