Which TV Character Are You During Finals Week?

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Our least favorite time of year is just around the corner— finals week. Do you spend your nights studying endlessly, coffee hooked up through an IV and sleep deprived? Take this quiz to find out which character from a television show you are during finals week!

What are you eating habits during finals week?

A. You consider breakfast the most important meal of the day. No matter how stressed you are, you will find the time to make yourself eggs and a stack of waffles.

B. Your eating habits are fairly normal during finals week. Three meals a day with a few snacks in between. Nothing out of the ordinary for you!

C. Pokey sticks, pizza, Wings Over, fast food and candy. You have no shame in overindulging in sweets because you know you deserve it before/during/after studying. Anything you can get your hands is clearly going to be eaten. But it’s okay, because you deserve it after a long semester.


What are your studying habits?

A. You started studying finals two weeks early, organized your notes, made your study guides and read the textbook front to back. Your free time if spent studying and making sure you know everything before exams come.

B. You study the week leading up to finals and start cramming right before the exam. You didn’t realize how close finals were until they came. They sneak up on you every year, but you manage!

C. You didn’t go to class all semester and you realize you are doomed. No hope in studying, might as well just wing it!


Do you sleep during finals week?

A. Never. What is this “sleep” you speak of?

B. You don’t sleep more or less than the usual amount.

C. You would be nothing without sleep and still enjoy your daily nap.


Where do you spend most of your time studying?

A. You find yourself a secluded and silent study area. Most likely you go to the stacks or a quiet area in the library.

B. You are more comfortable studying with a group of people. Socializing is just as important as studying. You find yourself talking more than you are studying. The group study area on third and fourth floor of Paterno is your favorite study area.

C. Library?? You study in your apartment where you are comfortable, have access to snacks and can take TV breaks as you please. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by going to library and surround yourself with other stressed out college students.


How stressed are you during finals week?

A. You put a lot of pressure on yourself during finals week. Your goal is to ace every exam and you wont be satisfied with anything less. You are prepared for exams and are cool and collected while taking them.

B. You don’t start to stress for finals week until a couple days before the actual exam. Going into exams you are nervous and regret not studying more.

C. You experience little to no stress during finals week. You just can’t wait for classes to be over. Your motto is “D’s get degrees”.



Mostly A’s You are Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation”!

You are determined to do well and start studying weeks before your exam. Your study materials are organized and you don’t mess around when it comes to studying.



Mostly B’s You are Michael Scott from “The Office”!

You have good intentions when it comes to studying. You show up to the library ready to do work, but spend most of the time socializing and goofing off. You study leading up to the exam, but try and keep stress as a minimum until the last minute.


Mostly C’s You are Joey Tribbiani from” Friends”!

You don’t stress for finals and don’t really worry about studying too much. You are more concerned with the end of the semester and planning your break.


Good luck on your finals, even if you are a Joey Tribbiani!



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