When Life Gives You Lemons – Put Them In Your Water

SabineC.Lemon3Most people add lemon to their water for extra flavor, or to feel a little fancy, but what they don’t know is that every drop of lemon they squeeze into their water is improving their health.

Lemons are exploding with nutrients such as Vitamins C, calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber, potassium and many other types of nutrients. But unfortunately, lemons aren’t the first fruit people turn to for vitamins because most of the time they result in a twitchy eye, puckered lips, and full-face spasms while eating them—which is quite hilarious.

However, half a lemon squeezed in water is tasty, it doesn’t erode your tooth enamel, and it’s an easy way to get extra vitamins and nutrients you need to improve your body.

People are always seeking new ways to be healthy, but who would of thought lemon water would be the miracle for all of us. Here are some secret health benefits of lemon water you probably didn’t know:

1. Promotes Weight Loss

Lemons are great for weight loss because they fight off hunger. A post workout glass of lemon water is great for replenishing nutrients and natural body salts, and for fighting off the urge to stuff your face after an hour at the gym.

2. Aids Digestive System

Lemons help to loosen toxins in your digestive tract and help to relieve problems such as bloating, constipation, burping, diarrhea, etc. You know, all that attractive stuff.

3. Boosts your Immune System

Lemon water can help fight infections. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the body’s immune system, and lemons have more Vitamin C than Taylor Swift has failed relationships – a lot.

4. Clears Acne

Lemon water contains citric acid that helps fight off acne and in the long run wrinkles— Hallelujah!. Lemons also detoxifies your blood, which leaves your skin glowing, radiant, and beautiful.

5. Boosts your Energy

When lemon water enters your digestive tract it leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. That is why a cup of coffee can be replaced in the morning with lemon water and you will still have the energy you need throughout the day, but without the crash, and without spending all your money at Starbucks.

6. Helps Anxiety

Lemons are great for reducing anxiety, exhaustion, and nervousness because of its key vitamins. (Imagine Chemical engineering majors carrying around bags of lemons during finals week).

Photo by Sabine Clermont


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