What to Wear at THON

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How does one prepare for a 46-hour dance marathon with no sleep or sitting? It can be pretty difficult. THON is an experience like no other and it may take all four years of undergrad to master the perfect outfit.

If you plan on staying at the Bryce Jordan Center for all 46 hours, either as a dancer, committee member or spectator, you’re going to want to wear the proper attire.


Shoes may be the most important part of your THON outfit. Being on your feet for such a long time can take a serious toll on your body, so making sure you have the proper footwear is essential.

New, but broken-in sneakers are the best option for THON. You don’t want to wear your 3-year-old running sneakers that have no support, but you should also make sure that the shoes you wear are broken-in enough to support your feet.

“Newer sneakers have less wear and have better arch support but it’s important that you buy them a few weeks prior to THON to break them in,” says public relations social media captain, Anthony Covell.   


There are many different things that you can wear for THON weekend. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable.

“For THON 2018, the best apparel would be whatever you feel most comfortable in so that you can take on the weekend without discomfort,” MacKenzie Sheetz, Dancer Relations Committee Member, says.

Because there are so many people filing in and out, the BJC can get pretty warm, which means layers are essential. Wearing cropped athletic leggings, shorts and breathable fabric can help make the weekend run more smoothly.


An accessory that many people find useful during THON weekend is a fanny pack. You can only bring small purses and drawstring bags into the BJC during the weekend, so a fanny pack is the perfect option.   

If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your outfit, you can wear a tutu, beads or add glitter or sparkles to your face.

“At the end of the weekend, it won’t matter what you wore, but rather the impact you made,” Sheetz says.

You also can’t go to THON without wearing an obnoxiously large tutu. THON is all about being as silly as you can possibly be. Other similar items can be suspenders, outrageous hats and funky glasses that you can easily pick up from any stores downtown.

Change of Clothes

Make sure to bring a change or two of clothes if you plan on staying for an extended period of time. Your clothes will get dirty and smell, so it’s imperative that you grab one or two extra bright neon shirts, shorts and high socks to keep yourself smelling and feeling fresh!


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