Best Shoes of THON | THON 2017

Photo by Hannah Ferenci

46 hours of dancing calls for a special pair of shoes, and this year’s footwear did not disappoint. Valley took to the floor to check out some of THON’s most stylish and surprising shoes.

The first eye catching pair belongs to freshman Charles King. His sneakers are made even more exciting by the orange shoelaces.


Sneakers may seem like the obvious choice of footwear, but Christine Metrick and Elizabeth Bream prove that Crocs are not only sensible, but also funky. The girls took the statement to the next level with their charms that pop against the black rubber.


Junior Dan Fruehan really let his personality shine with a colorful pair of tie dye Vans. They fit in perfectly with the bright clothing worn in the stands. In a crowd of Nike sneakers, they manage to really stand out.


One of the brightest pairs of shoes on the floor belonged to Nina Weber, who literally lit up the BJC with her dancing feet. The bright colors changed every few seconds, exhibiting hues from pink to purple to blue!


Greta DiPierro, kept it low key with comfy light green Crocs. The no nonsense shoes “were really comfortable,” which is a must for THON weekend.


These shocking orange Crocs were found on senior Abbey Sponseller’s feet. Valley loves the kid-friendly charms she adorned them with, especially the purple flower!


These tiny red sneakers were spotted on a THON child who clearly knows a thing or two about fashionable footwear. The neon shoelaces shows that he is stylish beyond his years. Valley can’t help but wonder if those shoes come in adult sizes!


One of the most dazzling patterns on the floor was found on sophomore Ian Berrier’s Nikes. The striking blend of colors in an unexpected way that give us serious sneaker envy.


Another pretty pattern was rocked by Dancer Relations Committee member by Olga Dorobriala. The geometric print kept a pair of comfortable sneakers interesting.


Amy Kovaleski, a freshman, made an impressive THON debut with these creative shoes. Valley can’t focus on just one color-they all look melted together.


Another freshman, Gretchen Loeffler, wore this smooth pair of green, purple and blue sneakers. She literally ties the look together with edgy black laces that neatly blend in with the shoe’s tongue.


Eric Londairo, a senior, kept it simple and classy with these plain black sneakers. The shoes had a lot of flexibility, which made it easy for him to give his dancing his all.


These turquoise beauties, worn by high school freshman Alana Josey, really caught Valley‘s eyes. She effortlessly combined two THON trends: Crocs and bright colors. Alana let the color of the Crocs steal the show, keeping it to just one charm.


These Chaco sandals were seen on senior Haley Dutch. The rainbow striped straps are already impressive, but Haley said, “they actually have another strap, but I removed it!” Valley thinks that this was a solid style choice.


Freshman Carrie McCartney donned these Penn State colored Crocs that attracted attention easily. They also were a smart choice for 46 hours of wear.


Valley can’t resist sharing these two pairs of pretty sneakers, worn by two chic THON kids. Hope, on the left, showed personality with rainbow slip-ons from Skechers that made even the colorful lights seem dim in comparison. Her friend Lauren wore a trendy pair of metallic Converse that make our white pairs seem even more basic.


THON demands a lot of the feet, but the fun and fierce pairs spotted on the floor are certainly up for the challenge!


Photos by Hannah Ferenci