VALLEY’s Guide To Remaining Sane During Job Application Season

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With job application season approaching, it can be easy to get over indulged in the possible plans for your future and the unknown of after graduation. As if the pressures of completing your degree and finishing off college strong wasn’t enough to send you into a spiral, the reality that the workforce calling your name now is now on your plate.

While the fear of what will or will not happen after college is an inevitable feeling, there are some ways to alleviate it. With that, here is a list of five ways to cope with the job application season.

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Keep your family and friends in the loop

Having a support system during this time will be essential, as it gives you trustworthy people to vent to when the possible stressors arise. It is understandable to fear asking for help or feeling hesitations to reach out, but sometimes you need to get it all off your chest. Your friends and family want what’s best for you and will be glad to guide and support you in any way they can.

Talk to experts 

Reaching out to a source that can help you with your application will not only settle your nerves, but it will also make your job search so much easier. Especially if you are getting help from someone in your field, they are more likely to point you in the right direction. Also, reaching out for help with things like your resume or interview answers will make you more comfortable in your career goals. Plus, reaching out to these sources could open doors to networking and connections.

Take breaks from LinkedIn

VALLEY acknowledges how addictive checking your LinkedIn can be. Searching for available jobs, seeing the people you are connected with’s post and trying to make as many connections as possible on your profile could easily become a nasty habit. It is easy to compare yourself to other people’s successes on this platform, so when you feel discouraged, turn off the app. It is as simple as that. You will feel so much better in the long run.

Get rest

Going down a late-night rabbit hole of job searching is so easy to do. It always starts innocently, with a Google search for “Jobs Near Me” but turns into an all-nighter. To remain sane, just sleep instead. Those jobs will be available to search at a reasonable hour.

Drop a filler club

It is your senior year, so if you do not want to be in a club, drop it. There is nothing worse than being involved in a club that you hate but feel the need to stay in because it would look good for a job. Sure, the goal is for your resume to have plenty of qualifications, but if you’re in a club that makes you miserable, do yourself a solid. Instead, put more effort into clubs that bring you joy.

Job searching will always be an option, so take a step back when need be. Tweet us @VALLEYmag with how you’re staying sane during your job hunt!


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