Part-Time Job, Full-Time Stress

Being in college can be a balancing act of obligations, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. While not ideal, many students will have to work a part-time job during while taking classes in order to stay on top of their finances. VALLEY is here with some tips on how to meet the challenge of having a part-time job while taking a full course load.

Plan Ahead
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Always know your schedule — all of your schedules. Create a calendar that includes your work shifts as well as classes, club meetings and assignment due dates — make sure to pencil in some ‘me time,’ too.

“Sometimes it is rough going from work right to class because after work all I want to do is lay in bed,” says Taylor Rodrigues, a sophomore journalism major, “but, after maintaining a set schedule, it becomes easier and you get used to how your weeks are planned out!”

Lessen Your Workload
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Do things ahead of time. If you have a full week of exams and papers, don’t be scared to ask for some time off from work. Another way to navigate this is by planning shifts for the weekends in order to leave your week open for studying.

Coworkers Are Your Friends
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Make sure that you are friendly with those you work with because in times of need they can save you when you run into a scheduling problem. Whether it is taking one of your shifts or giving you one of theirs, having someone on your side is important when it comes to a part-time job.

Know Your Limits

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Learn how much money you need to make in order to meet your needs. Are you working to have some extra spending money or to pay your rent for the month? This is vital so that you can figure out how many hours a week you need in order to make your budget. In this aspect, you can also plan what weeks you should work more vs. when you can work less.

Rodrigues says, “I have a part-time job just for some cash on the side. I am really into live music and festivals and to have the funds for that I have to work during the school year.”

… But Don’t Limit Yourself

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Having a part-time job isn’t the easiest, but it can be rewarding and look great on a résumé. Don’t let it  rule your life, though. Use it to save money for a fun weekend with your friends or for that special someone. Don’t forget, you can still have a part-time job and have fun.


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