Valley Presents: Hosting a Brunch Party

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.46.16 PMSunday brunch is a great way to refuel and rehydrate after a long week of classes. We have a few easy tips to show you how to have Sunday Brunch in your own apartment, without needing to walk to a dining hall! So, invite your friends over, pajamas included, and have a great start to your morning with the most important meal of the day.

French Press Coffee

To brew French Press coffee, you’ll need:

Coffee grinder
The press itself
Coffee beans

What to do:

1. Start by filling your kettle with water and putting it over high heat.

2. While you wait for the water to boil, grind your coffee. The size of your French Press will determine how many scoops of coffee beans you’ll put in your grinder. Most coffee grinders have a grind setting option. For the French Press you’ll want to have it at a medium setting.

3. Remove the kettle from the stove and let it sit while you grind the beans. Pour the beans into the press and then immediately pour water over the beans, making sure they’re completely submerged, filling the press to nearly the top.

4. Put the lid on and set a timer for 5 minutes.

5. Once your timer goes off, plunge and serve.

PanBacEgg Cup

The PanBacEgg cup is a combination of the 3 breakfast favorites: pancakes, bacon and eggs, combined into one delicious and elegant creation.

To make this dish, you’ll need:

Pancake mix
Frying pan
Muffin pan

What to do:

1. Combine the ingredients to make your pancake batter.

2. Grease the molds of a muffin pan, and pour a very thin layer of pancake batter into each mold.

3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Once it’s ready, put the pan in for 4 minutes, so the batter can start to bake.

4. Begin cooking your bacon in a frying pan over high heat. Remove the strips from the pan when they are about halfway cooked.

5. Remove the pancakes from the oven and place them on a heat-resistant surface. Increase the oven’s heat to 400 degrees.

6. Line each mold of the muffin pan with a strip of bacon.

7. Crack an egg into each mold. Depending on the size of the eggs and the size of the molds, you might have to keep some of the egg white in the shell. They should be full, but not overflowing.

8. When your oven is ready, put the muffin pan back in the oven. Set a timer for 8 minutes.

9. When the timer goes off, carefully use a fork to check how cooked the eggs are. They shouldn’t be runny, but you also don’t want them to be too dry.

10. Once they are cooked take the pan-bac-eggs out of the oven and let the pan cool. Use a fork to take each cup out its mold and serve.

To see how both are made, check out the video above! 


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