Valley Pick of the Week: Dove Go-Sleeveless Deodorant

0007940035173_500X500Let’s set the scene: Dove has a group of “real” women try out their new deodorant for a five day period, asking the women on the final day of the challenge whether they’d go with a short-sleeved shirt or *gasp* a sleeveless top. The camera pans across a gaggle of women wearing white spaghetti-strap tanks (so 90s…) and stops on one girl wearing a short-sleeve tee: “What? I just liked the T-shirt!” [Cue carefree laughter]

“For visibly softer, smoother underarms, go sleeveless in just five days with Dove Go-Sleeveless Deodorant.”

Only in a Dove commercial could I ever imagine a group of giggling women fawning over a deodorant as some kind of plausible reality. That is, until I recently found myself professing my undying love for that same product to anyone who would listen.

In an effort to avoid beating around the bush (an uncomfortably appropriate pun for a conversation about armpits), let’s just take a second to talk candidly about those ugly red bumps, inevitable five-o’clock shadow and annoying itch that come with shaving our underarms. Simply put: they suck.

Wearing a sleeveless dress out at night leaves you thanking the sweet lord that bars have such bad lighting and doing shoulder presses at the gym in a workout tank becomes something you wish you could do in the privacy of a bathroom stall. How can you be a fun, fearless woman if you can’t even lift up your arms to shake your fists in victory?

With Dove Go-Sleeveless deodorant, no longer will you have to walk around with your arms glued to your sides like a flightless bird – instead you’ll be fighting the urge to raise the roof every time you walk into a room! What’s unique about this deodorant is that it’s the only antiperspirant on the market with ¼ moisturizers and vitamins E and F, helping not only to combat wetness, but also replenish delicate underarm skin.

As soon as I put it on it feels really nice, like a satin finish,” says YouTube beauty blogger Kayleigh Noelle. She also points out another added bonus to the Go-Sleeveless formula claiming “you’ll never get those beads” other deodorants often leave behind thanks to the product’s ability to absorb into your skin (and stay off your clothes!)

What started out as a desperate attempt to get my underarms in shape before wearing a sleeveless little black dress later in the week has turned into a dedication that rivals the loyalty of Beliebers. Whereas underarm darkness and unsightly irritation used to be among my biggest insecurities, by the time I had to do the YMCA that weekend my armpits had become the last thing on my mind.

It’s time to raise your arms without worrying what you might be hiding under there. With Dove Go-Sleeveless deodorant you can say “Goodbye sleeves, hello beautiful underarms!

Where to find it: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart stores, Target


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