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With Halloweekend being over, the unbearable question is hovering over all of our heads… “So, what do we do now?” Every year after Halloweekend, there is a lull in the creativity of parties, leaving all of us straight-up bored and craving excitement.

The simple solution to this problem is having themed parties, but sometimes coming up with a creative idea is a challenge. We have all seen the “white lies” or “red flag” themed parties and let’s face it… those themes are overdone. It is very hard nowadays to find a party theme that is both innovative and appeases the crowd. 

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These five party theme ideas will surely spice up your next party!

Jersey Shore 

If your friend group is a fan of the show Jersey Shore, this is the perfect party theme for you. All everyone has to do is wear muscle tees, leopard print, big sunglasses and hair gel, and you’ll have a great party in the making. This theme can make things get interesting if you try out your acting skills and truly embody the Jersey lifestyle for the night. Your friend group will be fist-bumping and yelling catchphrases like “Where’s the beach,” and “Yeah buddy,” all night. 

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Seven Deadly Sins

This party theme is not only innovative, but if executed correctly, it could be really fun. You could also interpret sins in any way you want; it gives you the opportunity to get creative.

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A fake wedding party will have your friend group entertained the whole night. Have your whole friend group put their names in a hat and assign roles based on who is picked. There are so many bits that could be done, like the bouquet being thrown, the maid of honor/ best man speech and other traditions. There will not be a dull moment.

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Rice Purity Score Party

Have your friend group take the rice purity test and based on their score, have them come dressed as the decade that correlates with the number they scored. For example, if you have a score in the 30’s, you dress for the 1930’s. The party will be filled with many eras of costumes and there is no doubt that this party will be a blast.

Rhyme Without Reason

This is a newer party theme that has been dominating TikTok and winning us all over. The premise of this party is to dress with a friend as things that rhyme but have nothing to do with each other. For example, James Bond and Legally Blonde are a duo that would work. Jump at the opportunity to use this theme before it gets overused.

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Picking themes is hard, but VALLEY hopes list helped spark ideas. Send us your best party themes @VALLEYmag!


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