Top 7 Song Picks for the Week

We tend to listen to music suited for our moods and occasions. Whether we are getting ready to go out or determining the meaning of life in the shower, there’s a playlist for it. In all honesty, Adele can single handedly claim to be our go-to, I-need-to-get-over-you artist for dealing with breakups. Set Fire to Your Stuff, *I mean Rain, spent weeks at number one on the Billboard charts but forever in our hearts. No matter what you are feeling, these are some great recommendations to spice up your playlists:

1. ‘Mustang’ by Ameriie

This sweet and incredibly chic songbird may have just given us the female anthem of the year. Ameriie takes us on a wild ride (no pun intended) with this track. She sings about an untamable spirit that will somehow resonate with all our inner rebels. For more updates on this beauty, check out her YouTube channel: BooksBeautyAmeriie.

2. ‘Crazy in Love’ (Cover) by Sofia Karlberg

Anyone who can impeccably cover a song by Queen B. definitely has my vote. This song is featured on the extended trailer of the ever risqué 50 Shades of Grey movie. Karlberg commendably turned the upbeat, fast-tempo original track that established Beyoncé as a solo artist into a melodramatic, symphonic cover. With the movie set to show in theatres Valentine’s Day weekend, this song is sure to get you hyped for the premiere.

3. ‘Living for Love’ by Madonna

Madge is reclaiming her rightful crown as the Queen of Pop. This is the lead single on her upcoming album Rebel Heart (how fitting) to be released in early March. Alicia Keys added her Midas touch by playing the piano on the track. Need I say more?

4. ‘No Role Modelz’ by J.Cole

J. Cole breathes life back into the rap game with his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. He characterizes his rhymes with relevant perspectives on life, much appreciated by those seeking more depth to their rap music choices.

5. ‘BO$$’ by Fifth Harmony

As the name implies, this track and this girl group are incredibly BOSSY. Although the number of girl groups has declined in recent years, Fifth Harmony is restoring hope in fans across the world that girls still run the world. Check out their debut album Reflection on iTunes FirstPlay.

6. ‘Two Weeks’ by FKA twigs

Robert Pattinson is one lucky man. The sultry songstress commands your attention with the raw, sensual power evoked throughout this four minutes of lyrical gold. If you did not know her before, you will now.

7. ‘Feeling Myself’ by Nicki Minaj feat. Beyoncé

World stop. Carry on. This is exactly what happens when either of these two release a single. Despite dominating two different genres of music, this collaboration could not be more perfect.

Of our weekly picks, ‘Feeling Myself’ is Brandy Flowers, a senior majoring in Finance, favorite pick. She says that “music is a way of life. It is constantly playing whether it’s for studying or getting ready for a night out with the girls.”


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