THON Threads: Is your wardrobe ready?

THON weekend is finally just one week away. You went canning, participated in fundraisers and made dancer mail. But are you forgetting one of the most crucial parts of this event? That would be your THON threads, of course. If you’re still not sure what you’ll be wearing for those 46 hours, allow us to help you sport the latest in FTK fashion.

    1. First, let’s start with the headband trend that is sweeping dancers off their feet (figuratively, of course). Hot Loops is the newest craze that both male and female philanthropists love. Brightly colored nylon loops are weaved together to make this unique item.
    2. Knee-high socks are an essential for anyone on his or her feet during THON weekend. Not only do these socks complete any outfit, but they also work to keep blood circulating (and you standing).
    3. This isn’t your mom’s aerobics gear. Spandex is back — especially in bright colors. Perfect to “Brighten Every Journey,” right?
    4. Ladies, leave your totes at home and grab a fanny pack instead. This convenient little pouch holds all THON essentials like your camera, phone, a small snack and whatever else you might need. Best of all, you’ll be hands free and ready to dance. No hands, no problems.
    5. Last, but certainly not least, is your THON merchandise. Whether you’re a dancer, on a THON committee, part of an org or just a face in the stands, make sure you show your love for the Four Diamonds Fund and the kids.

Now that your wardrobe is properly prepared for THON weekend, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be looking FTK–approved all weekend long!

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Photo by Rhiannon Hedrick

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