THON Dancer Mail: What to Send for Support

oberdorf_thonboxAll a THON dancer wants for THON mail time is… a lot of stuff actually. Every dancer is different and their wants and needs can range from the practical, to the silly, to the inspirational to the weird. For those of you who are still wondering what to get, here are a few tips.

For when their feet are killing them

46 hours is a long time to be on your feet nonstop (no kidding) so your favorite dancer will need something to keep them going besides their brand-new, supportive tennis shoes. To tie in the tennis theme, pick up some tennis balls for dancers to rub on their feet (or just to play with). Some new, fun socks (the more neon, colorful or patterned, the better) can help their feet feeling sweet even after they’ve done the line dance for the tenth time. 

For when they’re craving a shower

Skipping a shower when you’re late to class is one thing, but going 46 hours without the glorious sight of Dove body wash is another matter. Baby wipes and powder can help keep the feet stink at bay and at least one layer of grime skimmed off while they dance the night (and day) (and night) (and day) away. Add a rubber duck to the box to remind them off the hot, steamy goodness waiting for them back at home. That is, if they can make it before they collapse on their beds.

For when they want to relive their childhood

THON is such a bright, happy place, perfect for being like a little kid again and having some fun with the simpler things in life. Bubbles, jacks, Playdoh, coloring books or anything else that will make your favorite dancer feel like they’re right back in the 90’s with their favorite toys. If your kid is a bit more grown-up, try getting a puzzle cube or something else that will keep their hands and mind engaged in the middle of the THON chaos.

For the ‘just because’ reasons

The best thing about dancer packages is personalizing them to what will mean the most to your dancer. If your dancer cut their hair to donate, hair extensions in wild, funky colors will make them smile. If they’re obsessed with cartoons, making a silly, simple flipbook will keep them entertained (even if your artistic specialty is stick figures). Making them the star of their favorite magazine or including their favorite book quotes will show them you really care and support what they’re doing in the name of charity.

Dancer mail can make all the difference when it’s late into the day (or night) and not as many people are around to cheer them on. But whatever you include will remind them of your support and keep them dancing on for a cure.

Photo by Victoria Oberdorf


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