Things To Prepare For When Having A Girlfriend

model-583912_1280 Boys who have had a girlfriend in the past can tell you first hand that it’s amazing, but it isn’t always a walk in the park. Going from being a single boy and doing all your boyish things whenever you want to dating a girl for the first time, is anything but a slight transition. So boys, get ready, if you are in your first relationship with a girl, you should be prepared for a few things.

1. Tampons everywhere

Hopefully you have grown out of the “Ew, tampon get that off of me stage!” But if you haven’t you better grow out of it soon because they’re going to be everywhere. In every purse, in every cabinet, probably on the floor. There will be wrappers in your trash can and she might even ask you to go against your manliness and buy her tampons or pads at CVS. There’s no such thing as having too many tampons.

2. No more naked ladies as your cell phone background

No, Melanie Iglesias can not continue to be your cell background when you have a girlfriend. You should delete every picture of her, but since you definitely won’t do that. At least try to hide them in private albums or disguise them between pictures of your dog and your favorite sports team. The last thing you need is for your girlfriend to be looking through your pictures and find Melanie in a bikini.

3. There will be more girl drama in your life

You probably don’t actually care about girl drama but you will have to pretend like you do because you will be the first person your girlfriend will confide in when she is having issues with her friends. You’ll hear about everything: Tara making out with Kim’s boyfriend, Jen wearing the same dress as Liz to formal, Casey’s roommate having sex when she’s in the room. Everything.

4. Long hair all over your winter coats

Sorry about that, we tend to shed everywhere. You’ll be pulling hair off your Northface all the time.

5. You’ll actually have to try to make yourself presentable

This includes brushing your teeth, fixing your hair, showering daily, wearing something other then pajamas pants, maybe cologne? Remember you’re only making out with your girlfriend now, and she won’t want to make out with you if you’re smelly.

6. Holidays Matter

Holidays are not only for drinking anymore. There might be presents involved, nice dinners, alone time, anything that makes them different from an ordinary day. You don’t have to go all out all the time, but a little bit of effort is required.

7. ESPN wont be the only channel playing on your TV

Sorry boys, but when “Awkward” is on you have no say about anything.

8. You’ll be on your phone more

This is pretty obvious but all couples text each other 24/7 these days. You’ll also find yourself stalking her Instagram when you’re bored in class. Because you love and miss her.

9. Your friend group and family will grow

Her friends will become your friends and her family will become a part of yours too. This is one of the best parts about having a girlfriend. But you better be able to get along with everyone or you’re as good as gone.

10. Sexy time


Being single is a great time, but having a girlfriend is amazing too. But there will be some changes in your life that you will have to adjust too. Some good, some bad, some annoying, but all worth it.

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