The Walk to the Cardio Room

Sabine.gym2Has anyone ever noticed how weird gym behavior is? I mean really, people spend more time looking awkwardly around the room than actually working out—why would anyone want to spend two hours at the gym? Who has this time?

But perhaps the most awkward part of the gym is the initial walk to the cardio room. My friend once called it ‘walking through ape land” because it seems like when someone walks by the guys working out on the machines by the cardio room, they just stop and stare.

This isn’t a show, fellas. I’m not even making eye contact, because I’m that uncomfortable. And, I’m wearing a gross t-shirt that I’ve worn to work out at least 40 times (I’ve washed it of course), shorts and no make up. What is there to look at?

Also, how am I supposed to respond to this? Am I supposed to take it as you think I’m attractive, or maybe you want to have a conversation? That’s all fine, I get that. But coming up to me with a smile on your face and saying “Hello” would be much more effective—and civilized—than stopping whatever your doing so abruptly that the weight clangs to the floor and starting like someone’s slapped you across the face.

Has this ever worked on anyone? Has a girl at any point gone up to one of these guys hanging out on the weird rope-with-handle pulley machines and said “Hey! I noticed you were staring at me blankly, what are you doing later?” If so, I’m sorry for playing hard to get and I’ll respond from now on.

But really guys, do you want a conversation or are you just taking a break from working out? Either way, we’re aware that you’re staring and it’s weird.

Photo by Sabine Clermont


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