The Scoop on Going Through Your Underwear Drawer

LaurenJohnson_UnderwearDrawerHopefully by now you’ve grown accustomed to changing your undies daily–but when’s the last time you actually examined your pantie options?  It turns out you may be long overdue for a thorough underwear purge.

Follow these helpful tips to guide you along with your underwear drawer cleanse:

1. Holes and stains are a big no-no.

This may seem obvious, but holes and stains are often overlooked. Go through every undergarment in your drawer and examine each one carefully. If you see mysterious stains, don’t hesitate to throw them out. Nothing is worse than grubby underwear recycled year after year. If you’re having trouble parting ways with a certain pair, grant them one last wash attempt; but if all attempts fail, it’s time to let them go.

2. If they don’t fit–pitch em’.

Over time underwear material can stretch out, causing them to fit incorrectly. This is important to take notice of, as a poor-fitting pair of underwear can bunch up in unwanted places and create an unnatural look beneath your clothes. Do yourself a favor and toss out anything that doesn’t fit right. Depending on the last time you went through your underwear drawer, that could be anything from stretched out undies to the too-tight undies you grew out of a year ago.

3. Make your life easier and organize.

Once you’ve gone through your entire drawer, it’s time to organize. No underwear drawer is alike, so organization is mostly up to your personal preference. However, some organization is bound to make your day-to-day underwear selection much easier (and more enjoyable). Although it takes an extra two minutes, folding underwear makes options easier to see. It’s also a good idea to separate time-of-the-month underwear from cutesier undergarments. A small rearrangement can sometimes make the biggest difference.

4. Force yourself to set aside 15 minutes.

If you set your mind to it, 15 minutes is all an underwear cleanse would take. The fact is, underwear are typically thought of as “the basics,” and sometimes when it comes to “the basics,” well, we just forget about them. Your underwear are always there and probably not something you regularly think about. But, just as you would easily discard badly ripped pants from your wardrobe, the same rule should apply to your underwear. Take some time and show your underwear drawer some TLC. You’ll thank yourself later.

Photo by Lauren Johnson


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