The Little Local Farmer’s Market

Every Friday nestled down Locust Lane, amongst the hustle and bustle that is downtown State College, lies the State College Local Farmer’s Market. With various vendors prepared to bring you anything from fresh flowers to homemade pasta, this little farmer’s market is well worth the trip off campus. The market is open to the public 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The market is perfect for those who want to start to buy produce locally. Now that fall has officially blown its way into State College, the farmer’s market is full of crisp apples, perfect pumpkins and fresh vegetables. They also have vendors who sell nothing but fresh baked goods – pumpkin bread, mini apple and peach pies and cookies galore. For all the seafood lovers out there, they also feature vendors who sell freshly caught fish and other seafood for a reasonable price.

When you first start to dive into the farmer’s market, it may seem overwhelming. If you are unsure of what to purchase, VALLEY recommends looking up recipes online of easy meals you can make with some fresh veggies or fruit. If you buy fresh squash and pumpkin, you can whip up some homemade soup. If you are looking to cook something a little more festive for the fall season, try baking a pie or creating cider with locally grown apples.

While the food is one of the main reasons to fall in love with the farmer’s market, it also features vendors who sell fresh flowers and even allow you to create your own bouquet. Some vendors even sell little succulents that are perfect to place in your apartment or dorm room. Along with the fresh flowers, there are vendors who feature delicious jelly and jams — yes, they give free samples — and amazing smelling soaps.

VALLEY suggests that you take out cash before heading to the market. While some vendors do accept major credit cards and Apple Pay, others only accept cash.

Next time you need some fresh vegetables, fruit or anything fall appropriate, head to the farmer’s market instead of Target. Try buying locally, and purchasing from the little farmer’s market at your home away from home.


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