The Indian “Holi”-day of Spring

imagejpeg_1Bright blue and neon orange powder falls through the sky, Bollywood music is blasting and people are running wild with buckets of water on the HUB lawn. This is Penn State’s very own version of Indian Holi, and ultimately the most fun I have had in a very long time.

This event was planned by the Hindi Student’s Council (HSC) with help from the South Asian Student Association, Sigma Sigma Rho and the Indian Graduate Student Association. Niraja Suresh, President of HSC, says that Holi is an Indian Holiday to embrace the coming of spring. It certainly showed with the amount of spring colors that were scattered all over the HUB lawn on Saturday, April 19.

There are only four simple steps to Holi:

1. Grab the powdered paint.

2. Throw the powdered paint at anyone and everyone (getting it in their hair is a bonus).

3. Get as wet as possible, and

4. Dance!

During the entire event there were members of the Hindi Student Council running around with buckets of water and photo-bombing people left and right. The whole point of this holiday is to just have a good time, which is something everybody needs right before Finals Week hits. By the end of the event you’re left soaking wet and with paint in every place you can imagine, but you can’t shake the smile on your face.

While this holiday normally takes place in March, due to the numbing March weather at Penn State, the Hindi Student’s Council opted to move the event in April. Planning this event for about 200 people was no easy feat, but even through the struggles, Suresh says that this event is fantastic.

“It is the best thing ever. It’s ridiculous to plan, but it’s awesome,” she says.

The Hindi Student’s Council not only throws Holi, but educates those who want to learn more about Hinduism, through Yoga sessions and teaching prayers. They are also around to make incoming Hindu students feel more at home.

For further information on Hindu culture talk to the Hindi Student’s Council, and be sure to make it to next year’s Holi. Just remember to wear white to welcome the spring colors.

Photo by Sarah Kim


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