The Do’s of Homecoming Week

There’s nothing quite like being a proud Penn Stater, and that sense of family and spirit, once a year is personified into a week-long event drenched in blue and white. Yes, we’re talking about Penn State’s Homecoming Week, and with much anticipation, it has officially begun. While there are endless ways to take advantage of this week and celebrate Penn State pride, here are some things to do that will enhance your experience and make Homecoming Week 2k13 something extra special to roar about.

Do Actually Attend the Events

When most people think about Homecoming, they associate the weeklong spirit event with the crowd-drawing parade, and of course, the rival football game that follows. However, the extravagant parade at the end of the week and the sea of white abyss to soon fill the Beaver Stadium are not the only highlights of the week as a whole. There are daily events during the week to further highlight one’s Penn State pride, with some days including more than one event. Get informed. Know when things are going on. You’re only here in beautiful Happy Valley for four years, and taking advantage of little things like these are worth the storytelling and the bonding in the long run. For example, check out the Best of Penn State Carnival, which occurs on Old Main Lawn Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. Who doesn’t want to ride on a mechanical bull in front of the most recognizable Penn State location?

Do Wear Your Penn State Pride

Regardless if you are a student, a professor, alumni or community member, there is not an inch of State College that week that isn’t overflowing in blue and white. Absolutely wear all your best Penn State gear that week. This is the one week to really appreciate the fact where you are in the world and how proud you are to be a Nittany Lion, so don’t be afraid to break out that volunteer shirt you have from freshman year, or your favorite Penn State hoodie to wear to class. Wherever you go, make sure you let people know via your attire that you’re proud to be a Penn Stater, as everyone else will be as well. Also, the Homecoming Merchandise Committee will be holding several sales daily to ensure that you can break out into your best Homecoming gear for all of life’s many occasions.

Do All of Your Homework in Advance

There is not a worse feeling for any Penn State student than for an extra-circular activity to interfere with homework. With all of the clubs and organizations you’re actively a part of, sometimes, being an actual student becomes a second priority, and with Homecoming week, it’s no exception. With all of the Past to Present events and Talent Shows and Parades occurring this week within walking distance to every dorm or campus building, the temptation to put off that piling math homework or start your english paper next week becomes more and more prominent. If you want to take part in this weeklong event, do your homework in advance. If you have something due at the end of the week, try to get it done in the beginning. While work is important, events like these only happen once and year, and if you have your priorities and work are in order, you’ll be able to properly enjoy it! 


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