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my-so-called-lifeBefore there was Claire Danes playing a CIA badass in HBO’s Homeland and before there was Jared Leto’s to-die-for man-bun, there was teen angst. And no, we’re not talking about Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” angst, but it comes pretty close. This week, Valley is throwin’ it back to the 90’s with My So-Called Life.

In the throes of an era filled with brown lipstick, oversized flannel shirts and the rise of the Backstreet Boys, My So-Called Life emerged on television. It basically summed up the lives of every teenager ever through the eyes of Angela Chase (Claire Danes) in the perfect way. Fun Fact, it’s on Hulu Plus if you’re suffering from withdrawal.

Why We Love It

Overlooking the most important fact that Jared Leto played the troubled bad boy every girl wanted to date (we love you, Jordan Catalano), this show had real substance. Not only did it deal with real-life issues in a finessed and not-cheesy way, but the humor is absolutely on point. It just goes to show that not every adolescent TV series out there has to be filled with over-the-top physical comedy and unrealistic scenarios. I’m looking at you, Disney Channel.

What We Learned

Angela Chase, AKA the most relatable person on Earth, is probably the wisest teenager on television. She alone proved that teens aren’t as ignorant and misguided as everyone thinks. Let’s not forget these prime examples:

“Sometimes I think if my mother wasn’t so good at pretending to be happy, she might be better at actually being happy.” – Queen Angela

“The worst feeling is suddenly realizing that you don’t measure up. And that, in the past, when you thought you did, you were a fool.” – Queen Angela

“Hatred can become like food, it gives you this energy that you can like, live off of” – Queen Angela

Now try and tell me that doesn’t speak to you on a spiritual level. No one gives you a handbook for how to survive your teen years, but Angela Chase was the closest any of us got to one.

Why We Miss It

To this day, it is impossible to understand why the series only ran for one season. High school is one of the most challenging and fun parts of life, and the show captured that perfectly.

20 years have passed, and we’re still secretly sitting in our rooms hoping that one day Jordan Catalano will write us a love letter to win back our hearts. (As if he ever lost them, am I right?) And 20 years later, we’re still asking ourselves the same question–what would Angela have done?

Unfortunately, we’ll never know. So, thanks for the memories, My So-Called Life. You were a good one.

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