Tay Money Bussin’ Her Way Through the Rap Industry

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TikTok has become an odd platform for songs to go viral. For Tay Money, TikTok has been instrumental in getting her music out into the world.

Taylor Watson, aka. Tay Money is a 27-year-old rapper based in Texas. She’s known for her popular song Bussin, which went viral on TikTok this year. In a press conference for her upcoming EP “Blocked”, Money talked about TikTok’s role in Bussin and her upcoming in rap. “It’s a TikTok sensation,” she said about Bussin’s success. “I don’t know how it’s still going.”

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Bussin went on to be so popular, that she collaborated with Saweetie to create Bussin 2.0. “She is way prettier in person, like dang!” said Money about what it was like working with Saweetie. “I consider her a superstar.” “She was the first superstar to help me out.” Their collab will have you feeling like a whole, brand, new, b*tch.

While Money climbs her way up in the rap game, she has always been an artist. Before her rap career, Money worked as a hairdresser for 5 years before starting to rap. She said the transition from her “normal” job to becoming an artist was difficult since it wasn’t the path many took from her hometown. “You went to school, you got a job, that is what you did,” said Money. But becoming an artist was more Money’s style and she began to write and create music.

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Money grew up in Athens, TX and she currently lives in Dallas. She contributes her style and manners to her southern roots. “Down south we have lots of hospitality and flavor.” Her style is like “girl next door, but badass.”

Being from Texas has given Money a personality that sets her apart in the rap industry. “I will always be nice,” said Money.

“They can always count on me to be Tay Money.”

Tay Money

Moving from her past music, Money got into talking about her upcoming EP called “Blocked”. While some might expect her new music to reflect her past popular beats, she says that is not her style. “I don’t like to live in the past,” said Money. “Once I’m over something I try not to revisit it.”

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She doesn’t refer to “Blocked” as an album but more of a musical project. She said, “It’s not an album, it’s a debut of me with plenty of sass.” “Every time I go into the studio my sound is evolving,” said Money.

You can expect her new album to reflect her musical goal, of making girls feel good. Money likes her music to inspire those “girls that maybe don’t feel so good about themselves.” With songs like “Brat” with Mulatto, her lyrics focus on empowering women and being unapologetically independent.

Tay Money is expecting to release “Blocked” on Dec. 4 with a feature song titled “Friendly,” featuring Key Glock. Keep an eye out for Money’s music as she continues to break boundaries in the rap industry.

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