Street Style Winter 2023 Spotlight: Copenhagen

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As you enter the depths of Copenhagen, Denmark, prepare for a world of vibrancy and childlike muse. This fall and winter’s season of fashion week has showed the world Copenhagen’s ability to take its fashion less seriously and more experimental.

The street style that has emerged in Copenhagen following the latest fashion week sees a frenzy of colors, layering and accessories from head to toe. There is an ensemble of balaclavas, thick, knit sweaters, knee-high boots, scarves and an array of eclectic and bright patterns.

The Danish take cold weather seriously, so layering has been a fun staple that allows the wearer to play around with. The whole body is adorned and no part is left forgotten.

Here are VALLEY’s favorite looks captured on the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark:

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This is where the balaclava really shines. This could have been a plain outfit, but if you look at every choice she styled together — like the two handbags, where one is for usage and the other for decoration — the small details makes it anything but plain. The contrast between the burnt orange and black makes her pop, and she looks very cool while merely walking down the street.

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What’s not to like about this look? The layering in this outfit creates a fun, cohesive look. One pop of color among soft, neutral colors is always a good idea when you want to add something extra to an outfit. This outfit works because it takes traditional pieces and skews it. The asymmetrical denim skirt and button up shirt combined with the loafers makes this a spunky school girl who is rebelling against her school dress code — and we love her for that.

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Here are two examples of oversized clothing items that somehow still look fancy and casual at the same time. The girl on the left keeps the color palette to blue, white and brown and ties the brown stripes with her boots (see, the Danish love boots) and bag. Both of their pants are oversized, but they do not appear shapeless or baggy, giving off that intentionally comfortable but still dressed ready for any event type of vibe.

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Where is this man going — is he off to his job specializing in artificial intelligence, or is he going to a techno nightclub? No matter where he’s going, he will be the coolest one in the room. Again, the Danish do not go for simple and monochrome looks, so he offsets the black outfit underneath his pseudo type of jacket. That jacket has some sort of futuristic appeal, but you can’t even describe why that is. This whole look works incredibly well.

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Okay, this one might be controversial among some, but why does it work? This is an outfit that a child could have picked out, and that alone makes it appealing. If anything, it subverts expectations. The girl stays warm, but is still able to wear a sparkly dress while also being able to run a few laps on a track. This shows you can make your outfit do anything you could possibly want, and there are no boundaries on what can go together. At least, not in Copenhagen.

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Denim on denim is always a wonderful option because it can never lead you the wrong direction. Darker denim contrasts beautifully against darker yellow shades, as seen on the woman sporting it. Also, the Danish do not like to stray away from any type of hat. There is definitely something to take from that — every part of the body has value to be dressed up.

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The last look from Copenhagen is this very fun outfit that is reminiscent of childhood playhouses. The pastel of the jacket and pants is in competition with her vibrant, knitted hat. The fun part is that any of these pieces could be combined with so many other things. What you should take from this look is that patterns are great to experiment with and make an outfit look instantly more unique.

Thank you Copenhagen, Denmark, for dropping these vibrant and energetic looks for us to take inspiration from.

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