HUB Starbucks Line Etiquette

Clermont.StarbucksThe general human race population cannot live without food, water and oxygen. Then, there’s the very specific branch of college student that absolutely cannot live without good ol’ Starbucks.

What is it about Starbucks that keeps the lines wrapping around the HUB beyond exaggeration for all afternoon into late night hours? From the new Christmas-themed flavors (seriously, give them a try) to your go-to mocha, everyone has a favorite, and everyone might as well bring sleeping bags because from the time we spend there, we might as well live there, too. (At least it would mean free heating.)

However, too much of a good thing can turn anything sour, and with the countless cumulative hours you’ll spend standing in line, there are definitely some things you should try not to do in order to keep things somewhat enjoyable. 

Don’t Be That Loud Miss Popularity

We get it, you have friends. You know a lot of people. In the ever-elusive Starbucks line you might see everyone from your freshman year roommate you haven’t texted in eight months, your old lab partner, or your ex-boyfriend’s cousin who you used to be so close with way-back-when. We understand it can be exciting running into someone you haven’t seen in a long time, regardless if it’s painfully awkward or not, and things can get extremely girly and feminine and not to mention, piercingly loud. Whether you have a deeper voice or a higher one, these encounters lead everyone to have volume levels that mirror screeching girls at a One Direction concert. Please, just whenever you see your ten thousand friends, don’t disturb the people in front of you trying to get their daily dosage of caffeine before a night of studying and weeping.

Actually Know What You’re Getting

Seriously, on average, you’re going to be in line for a solid 10-15 minutes depending on the time. To pass the time, you’re probably being that previously mentioned annoying girl or just on your phone or blasting sad music, and that’s all OK. However, by the time you reach the all-powerful ordering counter, please know what you’re actually getting. While the menu can be extensive, especially if you’re a first-time coffee drinker (seriously, who are you?), there will be angry people behind you if you’re that person standing at the front making dying whale noises and differentiating sounds of “um” or “uh” until you finally decide if you want the tall or grande peppermint mocha. Deciding what you want earlier would speed up the entire process and get you out sooner.

Don’t Walk Away 

While you’re trying to just get your daily dosage of caffeine, the baristas and employees are working for minimum wage and dealing with hundreds of cranky teenage-adult babies standing around glaring at them while they try to make your drink as fast as they can. Be respectful and try to not walk away while you’re waiting for your drink. Seriously, it’s got to hurt their vocal chords shouting your name for a solid three minutes while you nonchalantly walk away, and it prevents them from working on someone else’s order. We all know Starbucks is a jungle, and if you want to be a part of the circle of life, just be smart and act like a human being and you won’t be exiled.

Photo by Sabine Clermont


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