Smooth Sale-ing: Student discounts

Not only can you use it for Lion Cash and meal points, but waving your student ID at certain venues can save you a significant amount of dough. Having a .edu email address also provides access to a plethora of online savings.

An example is the Student Computer, which store offers hundreds of savings. If on the market for a new computer, the MacBook Pro is $999, a 16 percent discount from the  price of $1199. Software programs are not cheap, but as a student, Adobe Suite is 80 percent off the regular price!

Technology isn’t the area with savings — entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive either. Basketball tickets are only $5 ,and UPAC offers bargains for BJC performances with a valid University Park ID. Movies at The State Theatre also have an average savings of $2.

Lion Cash  can save you a nice chunk of change too. On campus most food services are 10% off when paying with Lion Cash. Featured Merchants of the Month have special instant saving as soon as you swipe your student ID. For instance, if heading home consider taking Fullington Trailways, as all Express bus fare is $5 off this month; you can also grab a breakfast sandwich cheap, since they are only 99 cents at McLanahan’s from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. in its downtown location on Allen Street.

Another bonus as a student shopper – fashionable discounts! No guilt needed when buying a fancy new frock online if there is a student discount! Topshop offers 10 percent off every day and occasionally has 20 percent off by using an .edu email address. Ordering at Ralph Lauren Rugby saves you 15 percent while Amazon is also bursting with benefits. By signing up for Amazon Prime, student members receive six months free membership, which includes great promotions and free shipping on certain products.

With all the benefits, the student ID is one card that puts the platinum credit card to shame.

Photo by Nina Abbott

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