Smooth Sale-ing: Lovely one-dollar deals

Let’s talk cheap-but-tasty treats. Eating out can really hike up your credit card bill or deplete your debit account, but you don’t have to feel that guilty when you use the single bills in your wallet. Appreciate the value of a dollar with these tasty dollar deals.

If you’re looking for a snack, McLanahan’s fresh assortment of bagels is great for a breakfast boost and each bagel only costs 50 cents. You can also snag a snack pack of cheese at the Creamery where, yes, there are other dairy products besides ice cream. The fun variety slices of cheese like mozzarella, Longhorn Pepper Jack and cheddar are just the right proportion to gnaw on between classes.

For downtown deals, Zen Wings & Things have a dollar menu, which includes a list of fried favorites like mushrooms, dumplings and mozzarella sticks. A good pizza deal we all know is at Canyon Pizza, home of the dollar slice, but Bell’s Greek Pizza also offers any slice for a dollar on Mondays.

Philly Soft Pretzel Factory also always has a bargain: three pretzels for $2. And on Tuesdays, its cheesy pretzel dogs are also only a buck. For later-in-the-day meals, chill out at Champs Sports Grill on Tuesdays (after 10 p.m.) and enjoy a mound of nachos, which includes all the cheesy salsa works.

Insomnia often occurs as tests approach, but make crunch time into munch time with Insomnia Cookies. Chocolate chunk, snickerdoodle or peanut butter chip cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth at any time of the day or night with the shop’s late-night delivery.

Whether you need a morning refreshment or a midnight snack, look no further than your pocket change.

Photo by Nina Abbott

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