Spring break packing essentials for every destination

Although we all the love the thought of traveling home, vacation itineraries and home-cooked meals, there is one aspect of spring break we all undoubtedly hate: the daunting task of packing. This chore may seem unbearable and intimidating at first, but have no fear. The following lists of essentials for several spring-break destinations should help make your packing that much easier.

For home: Pack clothes for all different types of occasions, such as hanging at the house, going to the park and going out with friends. You never know where you could end up! Also, don’t forget to bring homework that will be due when school starts up again; better to get it out of the way. Make sure to take along your iPod and computer — you’ll regret it if you don’t. Finally, why not surprise your family with a few Penn State gifts? Grab some PSU sweatshirts for your parents and a few boxes of Grilled Stickies for your siblings.

For warm-climate destinations: It may seem odd to pack tank tops and shorts in State College’s March weather, but they’re essential clothing items you cannot forget for warmer vacations.  Pack some flip-flops and cute sandals, as well as bathing suits if you are going to the beach. And remember your skin doesn’t get bright sun here in State College, so don’t forget to pack lots of sunscreen! It’s also good idea to bring along your iPod speakers to relax with when soaking up some rays. Definitely take along your camera to capture the beautiful locations you visit (as well as to make all your friends jealous). Lastly, make sure not to forget warm clothes and a sweatshirt if you are flying to your destination, as airplanes are not exactly tank-top friendly.

For cold-climate destinations: Although the weather at these locations may be similar to here at PSU, don’t forget to pack extra layers, especially if your plans include skiing or snowboarding. Under  Armour apparel is highly recommended, as well as several pairs of knee-high socks. Also, don’t forget a winter jacket, earmuffs and gloves! For beauty, hand lotion and skin-moisturizing creams are a good idea to bring along to help keep your skin glowing and healthy. Hand and feet warmers are other handy items for chilly temperatures that stuff easily into your suitcase.

Photo by Yuting Zhang

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