Seniors, are you ready? You’ve got things to do before graduation

Everyone should partake in stereotypical Penn State activities before graduating: taking pictures at the Lion Shrine, hiking Mount Nittany and lying on the HUB lawn soaking in the rays.

However, there are some things that might not top the everyday “Top 5 Things to Do before Graduation” list, but give these a chance during your last few weeks in State College.

  • Anyone 21 and up can spend the last 55 days at Café. But instead, why don’t you spend the last 55 days hitting up every bar State College has to offer. That’s right! Instead of giving all your money to one establishment (even though it’s a great one) spend your weekends going to places like The Brewery (233 E. Beaver Ave.) and grabbing a drink after class in the Nittany Lion Inn’s Whiskers Lounge (200 W. Park Ave.).
  • While State College has some great movie theaters, nothing beats The State Theatre. While it may not have blockbuster hits, it often features some amazing documentaries and indie flicks. So instead of driving out to the College 9, take a stroll down College Avenue and to see a great film (or concert!)
  • Some freshman-year activities go by the wayside as we go through our Penn State careers. One of those, for me anyway, was LateNight Penn State. Who doesn’t love a little arts and crafts mixed with popcorn? Plus, it’s free!
  • On a nice day, don’t settle for the HUB lawn. Instead, find a friend who has a car and take a short road trip down to Whipple Dam. A 30-minute drive gets you and your friends to a nice lake with a little beach, and canoe rentals are available.
  • Don’t hog Penn State. If you’re a senior, at this point I’m hoping all of your friends from home have made the trip to Happy Valley. But if they haven’t, it’s time to invite them! Blue and White Weekend comes around April 21, so call up your home friends and share the wonder that is “WE ARE.”

Photo by Jill Podhor

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