Rising Artist Recap: 5 Songs You May Have Missed

In the music business, there are always a multitude of artists on the rise. However, since mainstream artists who have already gained popularity take over the airwaves 99 percent of the time, music from many newer singer-songwriters are often overlooked. Here is a list of five songs and artists that VALLEY thinks you should go back and give a listen to:

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Still Rolling Stones – Lauren Daigle

Since the release of her album “Look Up Child,” Daigle has been on the rise in music. Her song “You Say” has recently been on the radio, and it can be found on Spotify’s playlist called “Just Good Music.” Though this song was successful, another song on the album may have been overlooked. “Still Rolling Stones” is an Amy Winehouse-esque song that can get anyone up on their feet. The background strings, drum and piano give the song a rock grit that goes hand in hand with her powerful voice.

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Love in the Time of Socialism – Yellow House

This lesser known artist creates music that has a sound all of its own. These are songs that can be listened to on a long car ride in the middle of nowhere or even traveling the countrysides of Europe. Especially the song “Love in the Time of Socialism,” which carries its own unique storyline of traveling the world. With a simple guitar chord progression and the singers soothing voice, it’s perfect for anyone who imagines themselves traveling the world.

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She Lit a Fire – Lord Huron

Known mainly for their song “The Night We Met,” Lord Huron is a band that creates a very particular type of music — a mix of mostly indie sounds with other unique sounds mixed in. Their song “She Lit a Fire” can be described as out of the box. This song carries itself with very relaxing backup vocals and the overarching ability to make the listener wish they were on a road trip.

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Push for Yellow (Shelter) – Valley

The indie pop song “Push for Yellow (Shelter)” does a great job transitioning back and forth from a chill bridge and pre-chorus to a fun catchy chorus. The background vocals give the song a fuller sound, as well as breaking away from the traditional sound of this bands genre. As the song progresses, it does a great job of building up and keeping the listener entertained and creates a great listening experience, especially the sounds incorporated at the very end.

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Fallingwater – Maggie Rogers

As an artist on the rise, Rogers has done a great job keeping her listeners wanting more. Her song “Fallingwater” is a song that incorporates traditional indie pop vocals and instruments, but as the song continues, the added backing vocals that continue to build give it a unique sound. Using tribal-esque drum beats, the song creates a contrast with the vocals that creates its own sound.


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