Pick of the Week: Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter

51TVm75romLThough it’s almost the end of April, sometimes State College stills feels like it’s stuck in eternal winter. A consequence of that is the battle against dry skin. But have no fear, y’all – Trader Joe’s has your back.

The company’s Coconut Body Butter offers a cheap and long-lasting solution for dry skin. With an infusion of organic coconut oil, this lotion will offer you the smooth skin you’ve been waiting for all winter. You can use it for your face, your arms or legs, cracked heels, or even as a hair mask – that’s how good this stuff is. And the most appealing of its many perks: you’ll smell like a beach all day.

A little goes a long way with the butter, so remember to use the sparingly. If you don’t overuse, the 8 oz. jar is sure to last you until next winter. Enjoy! Price $5.

Where to find it: Trader Joe’s

Photo credit: amazon.com

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