Pick Of The Week: Lush Cosmetics Face Mask

Coffee connoisseurs, rejoice! Lush Cosmetics is deepening your love for coffee (yes, it is possible) with their Cup O’Coffee face mask.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee diffuses from the container, invigorating your senses, waking you up and getting you ready to seize the day. Lush Cosmetics uses all natural ingredients to create their products, taking out the worrying over side effects of unpronounceable chemicals found in other skincare lines.

With ingredients like coffee, vanilla and cocoa (yum!) how could you resist making the purchase? This product cleanses, buffs and firms your skin leaving you with a fresh, glowing complexion. Real coffee beans are ground up into the mask, adding a gentle exfoliating agent.

Integrate this mask into your skincare routine as often or seldom as you see fit. It can be used as a daily exfoliator or just a treat for your skin once a week. Simply apply a liberal amount all over your face and let it set for five to ten minutes. Once that time is up, in a circular motion scrub the product off with warm water.

The mask is super versatile and can be used on your body as well! Get your hands on this must-have product here. Consider Cup O’Coffee a pre-game for your daily cup of Joe, because Valley knows there’s no such thing as too much caffeine.