No Hair, Don’t Care: Shave It For the Kids

IMG_5391 copyWith THON just around the corner, Valley sat down with Pj Tatano and Molly Lichtenwalner to hear more about their fundraiser benefiting THON.   The fundraiser is called “No Hair, Don’t Care,” and the title says it all.

“No Hair, Don’t Care is a fundraiser started last year,” says Tatano. “I started it really close to THON and we didn’t expect that many people to come.”

The fundraiser cost $10, which bought you a shaved head and a “No Hair, Don’t Care” headband.

“Last year we made $1,100 and that was partly due to the fact that Rapid Transit Sports matched what we made,” says Tatano.

The owner of Rapid Transit Sports gave $550 when they found out that Tatano bought the headbands out of pocket to ensure that all profits went directly to THON.

“The big thing we want to say is that, it is not all about the money to us.  It is more about the emotional aspect it carries,” says Tatano.

Like THON’s mission statement, “No Hair, Don’t Care” wants to provide emotional and financial support of the families and children with an emphasis of emotional support.

This year is slightly different from last year’s, “No Hair, Don’t Care” by introducing their first girl, Molly Lichtenwalner, who pledges to shave her head if 200 guys do the same.  According to Tatano, they are about half way to their goal of 200.

“I realized that there are these beautiful kids who are told they have cancer and that they might lose their hair,” says Lichtenwalner.  “It’s hard to lose your hair.  We (girls) are very attached to it.  It is a part of our identity.”

Lichtenwalner’s goal is to serve as a role model for young girls who have lost their hair while undergoing going cancer treatment.  Her motto is “bald is beautiful,” which allows girls to relate to a young female figure instead of the many shaved male heads at THON Weekend.


The fundraiser will take place on February 17 at Evolve Studio located at 326 West Beaver Ave. from 3 to 7 p.m. and costs $10. You can register online at the link below or you can walk in the day of the event.

“You are more than welcome to walk in that day.  The registration serves as a precaution so that we have headbands for everyone and it gives the stylist a heads up,” says Tatano.

The stylists at Evolve Studio will volunteer their time like last year for the fundraiser.  They also are more than willing to shave in the Four Diamonds logo or FTK in the back of anyone’s head that would like to show their support.

Unlike last year, “No Hair, Don’t Care” is going to donate $100 to the organization that brings in the most people.   So if you are worried with your organization’s THON total make sure to send them to Evolve on Monday.

Check out the links below for more information about “No Hair, Don’t Care” and how to register.

Photos provided by Pj Tatano


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