New Club Tackles Oppression to Opportunity

Generation Y Financial Knowledge Development, GenFKD for short, is hosting an event titled, Oppression To Opportunity, this Wednesday at 7 p.m. The new club on campus anticipates an eye opening discussion from a panel of young professionals and professors about the struggles minorities and women face in professional environments.

“We are looking to show other students that financial and economic inequality is still a prevalent issue in society,” says Emily Pirt, the campus fellow of GenFKD. “But, it is something that we are capable of changing in our lifetime,” she says optimistically.

The panel of five includes Professor John Sanchez and Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Equity, Victoria Sanchez, who just hosted the American Indian Powwow earlier this month, Quandi Fambro, the president of the Black Law Students Association, Jared DeLoof, a political activist and advocate for the LGBTQA community and Dave Brown, an economics professor.

Mark Chandley, the VP of Marketing and PR of the club, hopes for a discussion including the entire audience. “This event will be a great opportunity to confront these issues head on, and it’s an avenue for people to express their opinions,” he says.

Topics expected to be discussed include wage gaps, workplace inequality, affirmative action and the oppression many face as a result of their race and gender. “Women and minorities often share an unfair economic burden in society,” Pirt says.

Pirt says that this event is especially prevalent today, “In light of recent events on campus that discourage diversity, such as Ben Shapiro’s “When Diversity Becomes a Problem” presentation last week, it is more important than ever for students to participate in, and encourage, a discussion on inequality.”

“They’re often things some don’t want to talk about and ignore,” Chandley says, but he is still confident in the benefits of having this conversation. “I really look forward to the productive conversations that will take place,” he says.

GenFKD’s event, Oppression To Opportunity, will take place Wednesday, April 20th, at 7 p.m. in room 362 Willard Building.