The 13 Types of People You Find Blue and White Weekend

Photo by Steph Distasio

By spring semester at Penn State, we are officially suffering from the effects of football withdrawal. We miss the students section, the Penn State cheers, the pom-poms, but most importantly — the tailgates. There’s nothing like having some great food and drinks with your family and friends! We yearn for the endless games of stump and the rows of cars lined up on the grass fields while kids and adults throw footballs to one another.

As much as we miss the fall’s festivities, we can’t help but look forward to a weekend that gives us a taste for what we’ve been missing. That’s right- Blue and White weekend. It’s the weekend where alumni return, players get geared up, and students throw on their best tailgating attire because we can pretend for one weekend that its football season, baby!


There are always some strong personalities to be found around the tailgating fields during Blue and White weekend. Here a few you might see… or even might be!

1. The drunk alumni dad yelling, “WE ARE!”
2. Preteen decked out in blue and white who is already destined to come to Penn State.
3. Guy dressed in a knock off nittany lion onsie (no matter how hot it is).
4. Mom taking too many pictures of her kids at the tailgates.
5. Kid who crashes stranger’s tailgates for the food.
6. Person who forgets to wear blue and white… c’mon you had one job.
7. Tailgater who forgets to wear sunscreen.
8. Guy /girl who waits for the porta-potty for nearly half the tailgate.
9. The infamous dizzy bat failure.
10. The freshman that tries to get into the game early thinking it will be crowded.
11. Guy/girl who gets way too competitive in corn hole.
12. Non- Penn State student who is pretending to be a real Penn Stater for the weekend.
13. Tailgater who doesn’t make it into the game although they planned to (presumably alcohol related).

It doesn’t matter if you are an alumni, a student or even a visitor. You are guaranteed to be even more eager for the fall after being reminded just how fun Penn State football is!