Lyrical Artists to Listen to If You Love Lo-fi Beats

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Lo-fi music has become increasingly popular to listen to while studying or working. Lyric-less lo-fi music might be great for studying because you won’t be distracted by any lyrics, but sometimes you might want to listen to some lyrics. If you like the electronic beats in lo-fi music and want to listen to similar music with lyrics, check out these artists that VALLEY recommends.


Some of potsu’s music has lyrics, and some do not, making his music suitable for your study playlist or just a playlist of fun beats. His music is playful and very relaxing to listen to no matter what you’re doing. Light a candle, close your eyes and just listen to potsu.


According to Basenji’s Spotify, his name is Sebastian Muecke, a producer native to Sydney, Australia. He started becoming more popular through the Triple J Unearthed music competition. His upbeat electronic pop music is perfect to bop along to on your way to class.

Jon Bellion

You may have heard singer-songwriter Jon Bellion’s popular song, “All Time Low” but you may not have heard a lot of his other discography. Bellion combines hip-hop, indie rock and electronic synth pop to craft a diverse discography. He often uses compelling metaphors in his songwriting to create themes within his songs.

The xx

This English indie pop group’s most popular track, “Intro” is very similar to the lo-fi songs you love. There are not any lyrics, just some vocalizations and intriguing electronic music. However, the majority of their songs do have lyrics. The xx is perfect for fans of indie rock and pop.


Cavetown uses a lot of the electronic sounds you hear in lo-fi music. His lyrics are creative and unique. He sings often about themes like growing up and falling in love, and he uses his imagination to create very playful music.


You may have heard mxmtoon’s song “Prom Dress” when it was viral on TikTok. mxmtoon uses a combination of instruments and electronic beats. Her voice is soft and easy to listen to, and her music isn’t fussy or overdone. She often uses the ukulele in her songs, which adds a delicate twinkle to her music. To relax, put on some mxmtoon.

khai dreams

khai dreams’ song “Lost In You” is perfect for lo-fi music lovers. He uses a combination of instruments and electronic sounds to create music that will be simple and kind to your ears. Bump his romantic tunes next time you’re relaxing with your partner.

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