LineLeap: The New Norm

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To transition into semi-normalcy after a year of strict COVID-related rules, Penn State bars have changed a lot of their policies. However, for some bars, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: LineLeap.

LineLeap is an app that was used during the peak of the pandemic to regulate the number of people coming into the bars. It also prevented crowds of people waiting in line to better follow social distancing guidelines. Anyone interested in going to the bars on a specific night would wake up early so they could get their hands on a LineLeap pass to reserve a spot in the bar. The prices usually ranged from $5 to $15.

This system proved to be extremely helpful in allowing for the bars to stay open during the pandemic. However, we are now transitioning into a bar atmosphere very similar to the one we experienced pre-COVID. So why are bars still using LineLeap?

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Instead of using the app to reserve a spot in the bar, LineLeap is now being used to purchase a pass to skip the line, essentially. Two separate lines form outside of the bars, and the people in the LineLeap line are admitted first. This system works great for those who want to pay.

Some Penn State students are expressing frustration about the prices that bars are setting for LineLeap passes. Lauren Holinger, a senior, says the usual prices range from around $10 to $15.

“I remember one weekend they were $100 at some bars,” says Holinger. “I just don’t understand why someone would buy a LineLeap at the price of a concert ticket. It’s too much.”

As college students, it can be hard to justify paying for an expensive LineLeap pass when you also have to factor in the price of drinks and a possible cover payment to get into the bar.

Another senior, Darin Goldstein says he understands why bars are setting these prices, but in his opinion, it isn’t exactly ethical.

“I think they’re taking advantage of a previous system to get some extra cash out of us,” Goldstein says.

While some students are against the use of LineLeap, many find it to be extremely helpful in making sure that they can get into their favorite bars as quickly as possible.

Photo posted by @Champspennstate on Instagram

As the Penn State bars continue to profit from using the app, there is a good chance that LineLeap is here to stay. If you’re someone who can afford the luxury of skipping the line or someone who would rather wait it out, there is no mistaking that LineLeap doesn’t change the quality of the time spent at the Penn State bars.

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