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In a world where almost everything has gone digital, the thought of deleting social media can be terrifying. From attending classes online to laying in bed scrolling through Tiktok, the average adult will spend about 11 hours of the day looking at some sort of screen.

For most people, the first thing they do in the morning is to scroll through Instagram or respond to their Snapchat streaks. However, studies have proven that social media can lead to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and even social isolation. On the other hand, social media does also bring people together and helps different communities connect in an easy and efficient manner. 

However, it is common knowledge that social media portrays a fake reality. The ability to edit and photoshop pictures creates an unrealistic and unhealthy expectation as people everywhere base worth on likes and views.

There are various benefits of living life unplugged, whether it’s permanent or short, technology consumers benefit both physically and mentally.

Feeling more confident 

Breaking the social comparison cycle can be crucial to building confidence. Scientists have found most social media users will subconsciously compare their own lives to other people’s lives. This can result in lower self-esteem and feelings of depression. For example, if someone you follow on Instagram posts a picture looking “skinny” or “fit”, you might subconsciously begin to pick at your own self-image. Taking a break from this cycle to focus on yourself is important for ones confidence.

Ability to move on from the past 

Social media can make it harder to move on from the past. For example, seeing pictures of a former relationship pop up on your timeline can be undoubtedly difficult. In order for people to truly move forward, they must limit the number of distractions. Taking a break from social media can put you in a better headspace to be able to progress in life. Letting go of the past is an important step to achieving happiness and growth. 

Reconnect with the real world

Social media can prevent people from engaging with their surroundings. There is always that one friend that spends more time checking Snapchat and Instagram than actually engaging in conversations. Falling into a routine of constantly checking social media apps takes away from being present in the moment. 

Experience independent happiness 

Using social media too much can easily lead to you seeking validation from others and happiness can tend to be dependent of it. While receiving validation can boost self-esteem, it is crucial to question just how important that validation is. True happiness should come from within, and not from how many likes your new picture received. 



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