Anti-Social Media

Soon after social media was invented, it became an outlet for teens to spend their time, compete to post the best picture and gain the most amount of ‘likes’ as possible. From then, in 2010, to now, Instagram has revolutionized the modern-day photograph and changed the mindset of people’s day to day lives. People in each age group spend their time focusing on taking a photo they can “Instagram” rather than taking in their current surroundings.

Within the hundreds of millions of Instagram users, however, there are some that utilize this platform as a tool to share their passions and unique ideas with the world around them. VALLEY recommends following these accounts to brighten up your feed … make sure to read their caption below in order to take on an “anti-social media” mindset!


“Nature is my sacred place. It’s the place my lungs and my heart open up. Where my mind gets still and I process my life. It’s the place that makes me understand my favorite poetry more deeply, that renews my feeling of purpose, and that makes me certain that everything is going to be okay in the end. A few days in nature reset everything. I am reminded of magic. I know what beauty is. Truly.”


“In 1977, NASA launched two Voyager spacecrafts. They were the first man made objects to be sent to outer space with the intention of going on forever. They’d take some photos of the planets in your solar system (the first ever closeup photos) and then keep going, off into interstellar unknowns.

NASA asked Carl Sagan to chair a committee that would fit the Voyager spacecrafts with golden records. These would be made of a material that wouldn’t erode or change for a billion years, and carry the sights and sounds of earth. Our music. Our DNA. Our animal sounds. Ann Druyan (the love of Carl Sagan’s life) was on the committee and she recorded her brain waves for an hour while she reflected on life and meaning and being in love. That hour of her thoughts is recorded on that record, to last for more than a billion years, much longer than the human species will exist.

Printed on top of the record is this image. It is a map with the location of our sun, in case any extra terrestrial intelligence finds it and wants to visit us. I got it tattooed on my arm yesterday (just like my sister @ruthielindsey).

I love that we humans did that. That we spent tax dollars on the romantic chance of galactic community. I love that we don’t want to be alone in this universe. We want to speak to it, and let it be known that we are here. We want to be seen. We want to belong …”


“When in doubt, I look up to the sky. There’s usually a bird or a color or a cloud or a star that makes everything feel alright.”


“Today is my Birthday and I have a BIG ask from all of you!!! Ready?!?! For my birthday I want to spread and receive more love than we could ever think imaginable. Here is a little breath exercise to send and receive love and gratitude to the world, to humanity and all that keeps us alive. Wether you believe in energy and the power of our love or not, it’s my birthday and you do things for people on their birthday regardless if you want to or not! Haha sooooooooo spread this message and let’s all plan on doing this together 10x’s in 1 Hour from now! That means it will be 3pm eastern time 2pm central and 12pm Pacific… wherever you are in the world today… let’s all do it together and spread and receive all the love we can!!!!”


“What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?”

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