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Healthy eating and college don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, but knowing the right tricks can help turn eating right into a daily routine. Let Kiersten Ferno be your guide for navigating the health-food scene without taking a chunk out of your schedule. Welcome to the inFerno.

WP_000732 (1)Along with most people, I love a good stir-fry– bright, crunchy veggies, a good dose of protein and delicious sauce. There’s not much more to ask for in a quick, healthy, easy meal. This week I decided to mix it up a little, frying up half my ingredients with an Asian-style sauce, topping them off with fresh veggies, and rolling it all up in a wrap. From start to finish, cooking this took no more than 20 minutes. Get ready for a much-needed alternative to a standard turkey wrap.


What you’ll need:

Whole wheat wraps
1 red bell pepper
1 can baby corn
½ small red cabbage
½ cup scallions
6 mushrooms
½ Tablespoon sesame seeds
1 container firm tofu
2 Tablespoons hoisin Sauce (or any Asian-style stir-fry sauce)
½ teaspoon sriracha
1 Tablespoon soy sauce
½ teaspoon sesame oil

What to do:

1. Slice tofu into preferred size for wraps. Lay flat between paper towels on a plate and weigh down with pan. (This releases any excess water.) Let rest while prepping remaining ingredients.


2. Wash and chop peppers, cabbage, scallions, mushrooms, and baby corn.

3. In large frying pan warm sesame oil, soy sauce, sriracha, and hoisin sauce. Then, add tofu.

4. Once tofu is coated in sauce and firm, about 5 minutes, add mushrooms and baby corn. Toss gently to coat veggies and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

5. Spread hoisin sauce on wraps, then load with fried tofu, corn and mushrooms, and top with bell pepper, cabbage and scallions.

6. Roll up and serve!

WP_000732 (1)

Tip from Inside the InFerno: When tossing your tofu in the pan, use a large spatula. It’ll make flipping tofu without breaking it up a lot easier! Also, if you don’t use all the raw tofu at once, be sure to keep it in a container of water in the fridge. If you keep it for longer than a couple days, be sure to change the water to keep your tofu fresh!

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