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When it comes to internet celebrities, there seems to be a niche that everyone fits into. Whether it be based on interests, looks, or personality, everyone seems to fit in. But what makes Internet celebrity Chase Hudson so enticing is that he doesn’t fit a specific niche. He doesn’t fit a mold. He made himself, creating his own path and starting trends. What makes him different is his ability to turn his differences into his greatest strengths, using them to his advantage. 

Born and raised in Stockton, California, Chase Hudson, aka Lilhuddy, started his career on Musical.ly and continues to post on the app, now known as TikTok. He started off posting videos with his friends and then started making solo videos, whether it be lip-syncing or dancing, and slowly and steadily started building his following, expanding his platform onto YouTube and other social media platforms. He grew quite the fan base and would attend many meetups and events such as Vidcon and Playlist. 

Something that definitely set him apart from other creators on the app was his fashion. Labeled as an “e-boy,” Hudson was known to rock dark clothes, chains and oversized graphic tee’s. He especially drew in his audience painting his fingernails, which at the time and even now can appear daunting to many people and he was often ridiculed for it. 

To put even the label of e-boy on Hudson seems to be inaccurate. Though he can rock the e-boy look, his fashion can’t be tied to one specific look. Hudson constantly changes up his look, whether it be designer or “laid-back,” his fashion sense seems to be abstract and always evolving, drawing in attention. He even changed up his hair, going from brown to black.

What also catches the eye is his sleeve of tattoos that he’s starting to build. Hudson finds unique drawings and designs, all with a meaning which he plans to reveal in a few years. But for now, the tattoos themselves are of course far from ordinary and for lack of a better term pretty sick. It’s safe to say that Hudson’s sense of fashion and looks alone will keep you on your toes, and are always a refreshing change to see on social media. 

Looking past fashion, Hudson has recently made a big break in both the acting and music industry. With a growing 11+ million on Instagram, 30 million on TikTok, 2 million on YouTube and almost 3 million on Twitter; Hudson has made quite the impression on the social media community, and he’s only beginning. Breaking in the new year, Hudson starred in Machine Gun Kelley’s “Downfalls High,” and portrayed the main character Fenix.

In this pop-punk musical film, MGK tells the story of a boy named Fenix who goes mental after losing the only girl he ever loved in high school, who saw him and loved him for who he was, which was different from everybody else. MGK also ties in music from his album “Tickets to my Downfall,” creating a unique experience. Hudson acted alongside Sydney Sweeney, his love interest, and seemed to be a natural. Hudson nailed his scenes and made a flawless performance in just three days of shooting, and hopefully, this isn’t the last you’ll see of him in terms of acting.

When he wasn’t acting, Hudson worked on his music. From influences such as Pierce The Veil, All American Rejects, and Blink-182, Hudson took interest in a wide range of music at a young age. He even hooked his community of followers with his voice whenever he shared it on TikTok lives, and always spoke about one day wanting to pursue music. 

Signed by Immersive/Geffen Records, he usually spent (and still spends) more than nine hours a day with his team working to write and sing original music. His first song “21st Century Vampire,” along with the music video, hit all music platforms on January 21st and is about an old vampire in the modern world who still feels like he’s in the 70s-the era in which he died.

In the music video, directed by Joseph Kahn, Hudson portrays a vampire who tries to function in a modern world where people hate and judge him because he’s different, eventually finding his people in the end. The song applies to people in such a unique way, using a vampire to portray an outcast who’s always judged by the world; until he finally has his own community and supporters that back him without making him feeling like he has to change who he is. 

Not even a month later, on February 18th, Hudson released “The Eulogy of You and Me.” It’s a song where Hudson admits to the pain and scars that he’s been left with from previous relationships, but has since closed the door and made these relationships memories of the past. On the same day, he released his music video, again directed by Joseph Kahn, showing Hudson at an all-black wedding ceremony with his girlfriend in a cemetery where Hudson let’s go of her instead of uniting with her, leaving her and what they had buried at the grave. 

Hudson started writing music with his team about a year ago and was really able to find himself and express his emotion during the identity crises he was having. Battling insecure thoughts of not being good enough and getting stuck in a web of comparison. His songs are very pop-punk alternative and unapologetically real and honest with sounds that make him stand out. Hudson has already reached 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify with more to come. He plans to release his album this summer 2021.

From his social media fame to being in Vogue magazine, modeling and now acting and singing; Hudson’s amassed quite a career at the age of only 18, creating a promising future for himself. After being a founder of the “Hype House,” living with some of the top TikTok creators in Los Angeles, California. Hudson remains part of the Hype House but has moved into an ornate Italian-inspired home in Encino, California with some of his closest friends.

He also recently purchased a Mercedes G-Wagon customizing it and making it unique. Wrapped, detailed with accents of purple and red, topped inside with a starlight roof and covered with Hudson’s new signature skull logo on the Mercedes signs and embroidered into the top of the seats. Through everything, Hudson maintains his authenticity and has earned what he has through hard work. 

For someone who has become so well-known on the internet, Hudson is humbled and grateful to his supporters who helped get him where he is today. He interacts with them on lives, Instagram, and Twitter and would oftentimes follow them on TikTok. He also encourages followers to reach out to him when they need someone. Just like they are there for him, he is there for them. 

If you ever need inspiration or want to be entertained, you can always look to Chase Hudson and visit his social media platforms. His YouTube videos are unique snapshots of his life, and his social media platforms are full of trendsetting outfit posts. What Hudson has done is start a career for himself using his differences to his advantage. Being himself has taken him far, and it’s great that he can set that example for others.

Even when you feel worthless and alone, you’re not. You’re enough and you matter and it’s important to not ridicule yourself for being different but accept what makes you different and use it to your advantage. Hudson has only just made his mark and isn’t nearly done yet. With all that he’s accomplished, there’s no doubt he will go far and accomplish whatever he sets out to do in his future career. 


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